Axel Müller: "I want to play with the United States to help them for the World Cup"

Axel Müller confirmed to Scrum his intention to be able to play for USA with a view to the World Cup: “I am reaching my best moment, I know what I want, and what I can contribute to the team. I want to play with the United States to help them face the World Cup“, he assured.

The Argentine wing spoke about his objective and the chance to be part of the team of the North American team: “At 16 I started playing rugby and since then the World Cup has always been a goal. I spent 10 years in Arizona and that is why I have a legitimate connection to the United States. If I can help you with that, it would also be a dream, “he said.

Regarding the modification of the World Rugby eligibility rule and its connection with the USA, Brive’s back told Scrum: “I wasn’t very aware of the new rule until it came out a few weeks ago. It’s all a bit fresh, but if the rules enable me, my intention would be to play for the United States. I have one. Real connection with the United States, with the years that I passed, with the sports. I represented Arizona several times in Greco-Roman wrestling and athletics. I can with this new regulation, “he added.

Finally, Müller He clarified that so far there is no certainty and that he will wait for his opportunity: “There is no certainty. I also know that the priority for the United States is to qualify for the World Cup, they have a very important date with Chile. It is super understandable and I will wait until moment to advance with the subject “, closed.