Primer cara a cara entre Pitbull Cruz y Gervonta Davis

With Floyd mayweather jr as a witness of honor, Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz and Gervonta davis They had their first face to face heading to the lawsuit that they will have on Sunday in the Staples Center from The Angels

A hotel of The Angels It was the stage where the Pitbull and the American saw each other for the first time heading to the lawsuit to which the Mexican arrived instead of Rolly Romero, who was accused of sexual abuse by several women.

From the beginning it was seen that the Pitbull wants to put the name of Mexico and at the conference a flag of his country stood out on the table where the Mexican, his father, was sitting Isaac Cruz and the promoter Sean Gibbons.

The face to face was most respectful, both were face to face on two occasions, the second with Mayweather jr as a witness, and they held their gaze for a few seconds before posing for the photographers’ lens.

It could be seen that Davis, who arrived in sportswear and a cap, is slightly taller than cross, who wore a dark suit, blue tie and looked serious at the event.

At the conference, the Pitbull thanked Gervonta the opportunity to contest the lightweight title of the AMB, confident that you will seize the opportunity and that it arrives in top condition.

“I have a dream as a child which is to be world champion,” said the Pitbull in the conference. Give a title to Mexico, the hunger and the motivation that I have to support my wife and son ”.

Gervonta Davis, Floyd Mayweather and Pitbull Cruz

Fight between Gervonta Davis and Pitbull Cruz

I consider that Davis He is the toughest fighter in the division, but it is not impossible to defeat him, and he guaranteed that the fans will see a great show.

“He is a tough fighter, I consider him the strongest in the division, but not impossible to defeat,” added the Mexican. “Davis He has not faced a fighter with my characteristics and with the hunger that I have to be world champion ”.

Gervonta, for his part, he recognized that Pitbull He will come out determined to do everything, but he is ready to put on a great show and continue as the 135-pound champion.

He considered the Pitbull within the top-10 of the division, but he did not dare to say when he will seek to knock him out, “I have a great team and I listen to it.”

This Saturday they will meet for the last time before the fight, when they must comply with the requirement of the weigh-in and mark 135 pounds maximum, the limit of lightweight.