Keith Thurman asegura que la pelea entre Crawford y Porter lo inspiró a volver

Former champion Keith thurman He assured that seeing the fight between Terence crawford and Shawn porter It inspired him to return to the gym and plan his return to professional boxing.

“I greet my son Shawn (Porter)“, said Thurman. “I had to see Crawford Do what he said he was going to do, come bring that fire, knock out a man who has never been stopped. I didn’t knock him down once, I knocked him down twice (alluding to the fight they had in 2016, where Thurman won by unanimous decision). It’s inspiring, you woke me up. You woke me up, I’m here and I’ve been working.

Keith thurman has not fought since July 2019 when he lost the welterweight world championship of the AMB against Manny pacquiao by split decision. Despite the inactivity of two and a half years, Thurman is declared ready for the best welterweight.

“I’m ready for Crawford, I’m ready for Spence. I just want to go back, brush off the rust a bit, and then we’ll shine again, ”he proclaimed.”Keith thurman came back!”.

Thurman He assured that he has stayed in shape and that he has spoken a lot of stupid things in 2019, but he promises to return stronger by 2022.

“I will stick to my diet. I’ll have a green bean casserole, some turkey, and a side salad for Thanksgiving. That is all that I have. How grateful I am to still be at the top of the welterweight division, ”he argued. Thurman. “Say whatever you want to say ‘where has he been, what is he doing, where is he?’ This is where I am. I know I spoke many things in 2019. I will be back in 2022. We have an announcement very soon. “

Keith Thurman wants to get back on top

The emotion that he felt was so great Keith thurman when seeing Crawford and Porter that now promises to return to the top again.

“It’s a passion, it’s a dream, it’s for the family, it’s for you,” he said. Thurman. “It’s for the fans, it’s for everyone. I’m hungry without a belt and will be on top again. Trust, it is much more than talking. Ask anyone who’s been in the ring with Keith thurman. I’ve been here, I’ve been doing things, I’ve been in the game. I am the toughest fight for anyone. Confidence. To believe. If you don’t believe, I will make you a believer. “

Keith Thurman talked about Porter and Crawford