Rey Martínez contra McWilliams Arroyo

Julio César “Rey” Martínez He is barely 26 years old and is a fly champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC)But although he still has a promising future in boxing, he already thinks about retirement in five or six years.

“Yes, I would like to retire young because I want to see my children,” revealed the King Martinez in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “I want to do something, I want to invest.”

With a promising career ahead of him, the King Martinez He wants to fight until he is 32 years old, because the wear and tear he makes in each preparation is a lot.

“The truth is, I would like to retire not so young, but I would like to retire for another 5 or 6 years, at 32 or 33 years old,” he said. “Because the scrubs are good not above the ring, yes in the preparation, the diets hit me a lot.”

Your manager and coach, Mauricio Aceves, confirmed that he has already spoken with his ward and if they have discussed a close withdrawal, according to the Chalet when the world champion is in his 30s.

“The race in the box is short, we do not know how long it will really be,” he said. Aceves in interview. “We want three or four more years, at 30 to talk about his retirement, there is not much time left, you have to work well planned.”

Due to the type of fights that the capital fighter stars in, which are exhausting, in addition to the previous preparation, the King Martinez and his coach have already discussed a possible retirement.

“Yes, it is discussed, even if it may be better sooner,” commented the Chale Aceves. “The box is difficult and strong, there are wars. He surrenders himself, he drives people crazy, his fights are exhausting, you have to be realistic, he will have wear and tear, so many preparations, his body is going to get tired ”.

King Martinez
Photo: Ed Mulholland / Matchroom.

Rey Martínez and the project of being champion in four divisions

Thus, Julius Caesar he wants to take advantage of every moment of his career. In addition to unifying the 112-pound division, King Martinez He would also like to be champion in super fly, bantam and why not, even super bantamweight.

“At this time I want to be absolute champion of flyweight and super flyweight,” he confessed Martinez. “And from there, God first, get on a rooster and a super rooster.”

Mauricio Aceves coincides with his ward and stated that if he made his retirement according to plan, the King Martinez he will meet a retirement at an early age and in full capacity.

“He has a career since he was a little boy, for him it would be a retirement from a job for more than 20 years in the box,” he added. “The time comes where 30 is a good age. In small pesos the reflexes begin to be less, you eat the feints quickly, you do not react so quickly, they are fractions of a second, you have to think about everything ”.

The coach added that they have to take the best care of Julius Caesar, who looks like an idol, even compared him to Rubén “Púas” Olivares by the charisma of the fly champion.

“It’s like a Spikes modern ”, he assured. “He has that taste with people, it’s simple, he talks to the whole band. He is loved in Mexico, we want him to star in functions ”.

To achieve that idol tag, he said that the King Martinez He has all the qualities to win titles in at least three divisions, which they will try little by little.

“You have to think about it, all that has to be seen and handled well,” he concluded. “Then he can go up to super fly, bantamweight, super bantamweight, three more divisions, but until he is 30 or 31 years old when he wants to retire, I would not like to be bigger.”