Gervonta Davis desconectó a Leo Santa Cruz con brutal nocaut

The brutal knockout and defeat he suffered against Gervonta davis caused sadness and disappointment in Leo Santa Cruz, who has already overcome that bitter drink and made it clear that he will return with more confidence. His objective is to face the best and with his sights set on Oscar Valdez or Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete.

“The truth is I felt disappointed, sad; I felt that I disappointed people ”, confessed the Earthquake in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “Then people cheered me on, they told me I had put up a good fight. Besides that I did not lose against any fighter, but with a great champion ”.

It was on October 31, 2020 when that brutal defeat and knockout came for Leo Santa Cruz against Gervonta. In the sixth round Davis He landed a shocking uppercut that knocked out Leo and ended the fight. Although many boxers fear after defeats like this, the Earthquake assures that he took more confidence.

“That blow came that grabbed me well and knocked me down,” he recalled. Leo. “There are other fighters who get scared after defeats like this, they go with fear. I was even more confident, I was giving him a good fight. The blows he was giving me I wasn’t feeling so much, but the one that grabbed me was on the button and he put me to sleep ”.

Although Leo and his team proposed a rematch, they had no response from the Davis tank.

“After the defeat with him, I spoke with my team and said why we do not have a rematch with him,” he said. Santa Cruz. “I told them that they wanted a rematch, but they kind of didn’t want to.”

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Santa Cruz is looking for Óscar Valdez or Vaquero Navarrete

Waiting for the date to return to the ring, which he trusts will be at the beginning of next year, he wants a rival that allows him to measure in what conditions he is and then face a champion.

“We are looking for a more or less comfortable fighter to see how we see ourselves,” he considered. Leo. “I was ready for whatever, but my team and my manager told me to do a preparation fight. For me all fights are tough, for me every opponent that comes up is dangerous ”.

After that fight, important fights will come, whether in the feather or super feather division, and there are two names that draw attention to the Earthquake: Oscar Valdez and the Navarrete cowboy.

“Then we will be ready to Oscar Valdez”, He asserted. “Or any champion at 130 or 126 pounds, we are going to be at those two weights, there we are going to stay with whoever it is.”

Of the Cowboy He recognized that he is a rival who does not stop hitting, which would make a fight with the feather monarch of the OMB.

“He’s a good fighter, he throws a lot of punches,” he said. Leo of the Navarrete. “Me too, it would be a good fight, a war, I would be open to making a fight with him.”

Finally, he made it clear that his career is not finished by the reverse before Gervonta and that he will return with good fights against champions.

“We are looking forward to it, we are wanting to get back to fighting fights,” he concluded. “We want to do a few more fights against good champions, good fighters and see what comes out, here we are going to be looking forward to it and see what comes out.”