River Plate awaits the decision of Marcelo Gallardo, who has not yet defined his future

River Plate will host Defensa y Justicia on Sunday in what could be Marcelo Gallardo’s farewell to his fans at the Monumental, but not even he would know what his future will be.

El Muñeco anticipated in a press conference that he was going to announce whether or not he will continue in the Millionaire once the competition is over and after the elections in the club, so as not to influence them. Although it is true that for River there will still be two more games to play (with another title at stake), the League Tournament is already defined and on Saturday the 4th it will be known who will be the next president of the Núñez institution.

Both Javier Gil Navarro in Sportscenter AM as Juan Balbi in ESPN Soccer 12, they agreed that the coach would still be evaluating what he wants to do. On the one hand, he has the firm interest of the Uruguayan National Team, which would offer him a five-year contract and the Flamengo version also appeared. Due to his family situation, Gallardo would seek not to move away from Argentina, so both options could serve him.

On the other hand, he knows that in River he has the leadership support to continue with his integral football project, the respect of the footballers and the idolatry of the fans. But he himself accepted that the position requires a level of energy required by one of the two largest in the country.

In hand-to-hand talk with ESPN Team F, Gallardo acknowledged: “Seven years of a lot of wear and tear and focus on a club like this that does not give you respite, today you won and tomorrow you have to win again.”

“First I clarify that I am ending my contract and it is the first time that I am in a position that my bond is ending, I think I deserve the possibility of rethinking myself, because it takes a lot of energy to continue with a strong bond that I have with this institution. ”.

“I am going to consider it seriously, I did not do it until now because my energy was in what we were playing, from now on I am going to consider it because River deserves that one be in charge of this management with a lot of energy and it has been a lot the wear and tear of this management, beyond the joys ”.

Gallardo has the future in his hands and the moment to make it known will be up to him, it could be this Sunday, or more likely, after December 18, after the final between Champions with Colón.