Who is the boxer with the most wins by KO in history?

The knockout is like the home run in baseball or the goal in soccer, something that causes fury and excitement. On Left we explain who is the boxer with the most wins by KO in history.

The text speaks of historical boxers, but it is necessary to highlight the career of Gervonta davis, a 27-year-old who has won 25 victories so far, 24 of them via knockout.

Who is the boxer with the most wins by KO?

The list focuses on boxers who had more than 40 fights and whose knockout win percentage is higher compared to their rivals.

The American-born man and former heavyweight champion holds an all-time record. The statistic marks 42 victories, 41 by way of knockout, two defeats and a draw. That is, his KO win percentage is 97%.

The Mexican retired writing his name in the history books of the box. Cañas was the bantamweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC) with a total of 66 victories, 63 by way of knockout, that is, his knockout percentage is 90%.

who is the boxer with the most wins by KO
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The Puerto Rican-born and three-time champion in super bantamweight, featherweight and junior lightweight. Their numbers are spectacular: 44 wins, 42 by knockout, three losses and a draw. His KO percentage is 87.5.

GGG is remembered for his defeat against him Canelo Alvarez, but his record ranks him as one of the best in boxing history. After 15 years as a professional, the Kazakh has 41 wins, 36 by knockout, a loss and a draw. His knockout percentage is 87%.

The Ukrainian set a record as a heavyweight boxer placing him as one of the best. His numbers specify 47 fights, 45 wins, 41 by knockout and two losses, his percentage of KOs is 87.2%.

Khaosai Galaxi (1980-1991)

The super flyweight Thai has defended his World Boxing Association (WBA) title 19 times. He is also in the 19th place of the 100 best punchers in The Ring magazine.

His record is 50 wins, 44 by knockout and just one loss. The winning percentage by KO is 85.4%.

The two-time heavyweight world champion and gold medalist at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, is on the list for his 83.9% win-by-knockout percentage.

His record of 76 wins, 68 by knockout and only five losses.

He is a legendary boxer born in the United States, although of Italian origin who retired undefeated. He has a record of 49 wins, 43 of them by KO, this equates to 87.76%.

He is the only heavyweight champion who was not defeated in his entire career and unique in his somewhat unorthodox style.

Danny López (1971-1992)

The Little red He was a former WBC featherweight world champion and even a much-loved popular fighter. The Ring ranked him 26th on his list of the 100 best punchers.

In his career he added 48 fights, 42 victories, 39 by KO and six defeats. His percentage is 81.5%.

El Cacho is considered the best Mexican boxer of all time. He was champion in three weight divisions: Super Feather, Light and Super Light. In his career he accumulated 107 victories, 87 by knockout, which means a percentage of 79%.


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