Ancelotti, on Mbappé and his possible arrival at Real Madrid: "The children have to fulfill their dream"

MADRID – Carlo Ancelotti has acknowledged that “children have to fulfill their dream” when asked about several interviews in which Kylian Mbappé dropped that he wants to play for Real Madrid.

The French attacker ends his contract with Paris Saint-Germain next summer, so from January 1 he will be free to negotiate with other clubs.

Madrid already tried his signing last summer and from the club they slip to ESPN that there is optimism that the operation was carried out in June.

Ancelotti has always tried to throw balls out on this matter but when asked about some of Mbappé’s manifestations in which the footballer himself acknowledged that his dream is to play for Madrid, he said: “Children have to fulfill their dream. I, as a child I had the dream of playing in Serie A and I fulfilled it. “

The Italian coach prepares the complicated trip to San Sebastián on Saturday where they will play against Real Sociedad. The Italian announced that Gareth Bale had already touched the ball during Friday’s session but his return could face third-placed LaLiga could be too hasty.

Carletto stressed that the team is in good shape but clarified that there are many things to improve. Indeed, Ancelotti admitted that the fact that Thibaut Courtois has been the best of the last few matches is not a good sign.

“It is always a wake-up call. The defensive aspect is important. He has saved us in these two games and he has done very well. We come from conceding only one goal in the last games. With Courtois we have been quite solid ”, said the Italian.

Regarding Eden Hazard, the coach stressed that the Belgian “has not done everything expected of him” but aspires to be one more when he has regularity. The former Chelsea player is available after overcoming gastroenteritis.

Considering the more immediate schedule, Ancelotti did not seem concerned about the rotations. Following Wednesday’s game against Athletic Club, Madrid will play Real Sociedad, Inter Milan and Atlético de Madrid in less than eight days. For this reason, the white coach trusts that his players hold the pull, especially upstairs where Benzema and Vinicius are playing everything.

“There are spare parts, but the two above are doing very well. It is difficult to remove them because it is difficult to break this dynamic. With Casemiro the issue is that it gives a lot of balance. Behind Casemiro there are high quality players like Camavinga and Blanco, but still They don’t have a lot of experience, “Ancelotti said.

One of the men who could have more prominence this year is Isco. The Malaga player is still out of the team’s plans and Ancelotti denied any type of extra-sporting problem. Above all, referring to the chapter of the match against Granada in which several Spanish media reported a discussion between the two.

“If something has happened with Isco, I will say it. Isco has not warmed up in the last games because they were like this … If I had to remove a midfielder who was tired, I will not put Isco in, because he wanted one of more character defensive. If we do not have an advantage in the result, I put something more offensive “, settled the transalpine coach.

Finally, as a funny anecdote, Ancelotti was asked which player he would like to look like if he played soccer again. The Italian has it clear.

“I would like to be a forward. Vinicius, Benzema or Haaland. What I lacked in my career are goals, “Carletto joked.