Dubai Sevens: Pumas 7s finished first in their group despite loss to Fiji

The Pumas 7’s fell before Fiji 40-7, but they also qualified for the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup of the Seven of Dubai, thanks to the victories before Spain by 21-14 and before France for the same result. All the action in the Seven of Dubai, you can follow her live on Star +.

ARGENTINA 40–7 FIJI (Friday, day 1)
An early yellow to Tomás Lizazu in the first seconds of the game made the islanders take advantage of the opportunity to put themselves ahead of Waisea Nacuqu. It was followed by an interception by Josua Vakurunabili and then, with two balls recovered, Nacuqu and Kaminieli Rasaku finished in the ingoal. The author of the two tries was responsible for three conversions to leave the set with a bulky 26-0.

The complement was more than the defined match, but Los Pumas 7’s did not lower their arms. A try by Tomás Elizalde discounted the difference but the figure of the match, Waisea Nacuqu, reappeared to score his hat-trick. Elia Canakaivata in the epilogue rounded off the win 40-7.

Argentina formed with; Germán Shultz, Rodrigo Isgro, Mateo Graziano, Santiago Vera Feld, Tomás Lizazu, Joaquín Lamas and Tomás Elizalde. Gastón Revol, Santiago Alvarez, Marcos Moneta and Joaquín de la Vega entered

ARGENTINA 21–14 FRANCE (Friday, day 1)
Stephen Parez cut himself off and put the Gauls ahead, but a kick from Joaquín Lamas, which Marcos Moneta managed to continue with his foot, allowed Joaquín de la Vega to even the result. Pierre Mignot again found the space to go straight to the ingoal and again Los Pumas 7’s managed to tie the game with Joaquín Lamas to leave the set equalized at 14 points with the conversions of Lamas and Paulin Riva.

The second half was even and Argentina had it against France against their ingoal for a couple of minutes until finally German Schulz managed to break the defense to score the try that ultimately gave him the victory.

Argentina formed with: Santiago Alvarez, Joaquín de la Vega, Rodrigo Isgro, Gastón Revol, Marcos Moneta, Santiago Vera Freld and Joaquín lamas. Then Germán Schulz entered

ARGENTINA 21-14 SPAIN (Friday, day 1)
The contest was not easy for the Albicelestes who won thanks to the tries of Germán Schultz, Joaquín de la Vega and Santiago Vera Feld. The 3 conversions were in charge of Felipe del Mestre. The Europeans showed a frank growth and were always in the game thanks to the conquests of Eduardo López and Pol Pla that Juan Ramos rounded it up by 7 points.

Argentina formed with: Santiago Alvarez, Germán Schultz, Joaquín de la Vega, Gastón Revol, Felipe del Mestre, Luciano González and Tomás Elizalde. Then Marcos Moneta, Rodrigo Isgro, Mateo Graziano and Santiago Vera Feld entered.

The complete fixture for the first day of activity of the second week of Dubai Sevens: