Facundo Lugones: From Adrogué to training Cameron Norrie

On October 17, Facundo Lugones He lived one of the best moments of his career with his pupil Cameron norrie. Is that the Argentine, a native of Adrogué, witnessed the British coronation at the Indian Wells Masters 1000, a fact that surprised locals and strangers.

But until reaching that night of glory on Californian soil, Lugones had to go through a hard road. In dialogue with ESPN Tennis, the 29-year-old coach told his story and several pearls of his relationship with the current world number 12, whom he has been training for five years and with whom he has been linked since his time at Texas Christian University .

The adroguense and the white sport intersected in the Adrogué Tennis Club whose little school belonged to his parents. “They had it for like 20 or 30 years and that’s where I started. Also my mom’s brother was Christian Miniussi who was an Olympic medalist (bronze in doubles in Barcelona 1992) and Top 50. Then he began to train me when I took it more seriously “he recalled in dialogue with ESPN Tennis.



The Argentine, in a talk with ESPN Tennis, told how he started the bond with the British tennis player.

From that dream that invited him to think of himself as a professional tennis player, Lugones prepared for that and even obtained some ATP points thanks to some victories in Futures. But that was not enough. It is then that Texas Christian University appears in his path. “When I was 18 I didn’t see myself with much potential and I had a lot of injuries. That’s where they offered me this university. The coach was Mexican, he contacted me, he told me there was a scholarship for me and I said no. After six months he called me again until I made up my mind. “

The new life in the second most populated state in the United States had him not only as a tennis player, but also as a student of the Economics career, which he did in parallel while he was developing athletically at the institution. But over the years he realized that his future would not be in tennis.

“I had been offered a job in Dallas, an incredible offer, for a software company for hospitals and social works. At first I loved the offer but later I could not imagine myself selling that for years” recalled Lugones with ESPN Tennis. And that’s when it appears Norrie in their life. The Briton, wanting to launch himself as a professional, trusted the Argentine for a tour of Europe when the South American only had a month of visa left in the United States and he had no clear definition of what he would do next.



Almost two months after the consecration, the Argentine coach of the British tennis player revealed details of the triumph over Basilashvili and the celebrations.

With the journey started, Lugones began to follow the representative of Great Britain throughout the Challenger circuit. There Norrie quickly rose to prominence, going from the world’s top 300 to the Top 100 in just a year and a half. The title in Los Cabos during 2021 began to mark the growth towards the elite, then initialed with the one obtained in Indian Wells. “At the time I was thinking so much about point to point that I did not want to leave it and I think he did too, that’s why he told me that he hardly even celebrated,” Lugones said about the match Norrie won against Basilashvili in the tournament’s grand final. North American.

Norrie’s latest results left him on the edge of the Top 10 (is currently 12th) and in 2022 he could become the fourth tennis player in his country to be included in the top ten on the planet, after they ever made it Greg Rusedski, Tim Henman and Andy Murray. Can the Johannesburg-born continue to make history for British tennis?

On the other hand, the relationship between the two not only generated a friendship, but Norrie himself was “argentinized” that, despite defending the British country, being born in South Africa, being the son of a Scotsman and a Welshwoman and living most of his life in New Zealand, he has things from the South American country. “He has a bit of everything. He loves mate, he follows football a lot, he is very social, he likes the table like all Argentines. And when Boca plays, although he is not a fan, he wants him to win,” said Lugones in ESPN Tennis.

Another data provided by the Adroguense that speaks very well of the British tennis player is his mental capacity when playing. “He knows that if he can control his emotions, his thoughts and stay at a stable level like he did this year, sooner or later the results are going to come.”

Looking ahead to the next season, although they have not yet met to diagram what the year 2022 will be, Lugones affirms that “The objectives are going to be trying to reach the Top 10 and be able to stay at that level and see if he can continue to improve and go up little by little, which is not easy but the key is to keep improving after each preseason and start playing better. in Grand Slam tournaments and beating good tennis players more often. We don’t set ourselves a number of goals but keep improving and winning good games. ”