Ignacio Alonso and the wait for Gallardo: "We have not closed the possibility but time is not eternal"

The president of the AUF, Ignacio Alonso, said that they have not yet closed the possibility of hiring Marcelo Gallardo as coach of the Uruguayan National Team but said that the waiting time is not eternal since on January 7 the list of players must be raised reserved from abroad for the Playoffs.

Alonso was consulted in the program “100% Deportes” of Sport on the hiring of the replacement for Oscar Tabárez.

“Regarding Marcelo Gallardo, we made a resolution as to what is the priority and from that we initiated contacts with his representative and established a mechanism on which I promised to have reservations. That mechanism takes time. They were clear that (Gallardo) had commitments with River, we also had a situation that gave us an air in terms of time but not eternally and thus we are in a dialogue that is still ongoing. We are waiting to have new contacts, respecting the times that we gave ourselves and there a determination will be made ”.

Alonso stated thate: “We have not closed the possibility, the issue has not yet been closed for us. There were clear questions, the possibility of River to win the tournament, there are elections, in any case we have a time, it is not eternal. I don’t want to give dates but we are talking that the times are not the same as they were 12 days ago and we are facing the final part ”.

The president of the AUF said that he never spoke with Gallardo, nor with the president of River Plate, and that the contacts were always with the coach’s representative to whom they let him know that he is the number one candidate to lead Uruguay in the four games that remain in the qualifying rounds.

When asked if this wait for Gallardo is not a smokescreen to designate Diego Aguirre, the president responded: “It is not like that, it is by no means what is being advertised out there.”

The head of the Association expressed that, in the event that Gallardo’s option falls, they are working in the internal of the Executive in an attempt to go through plan B.

“We have worked internally, we are clear about the procedure and we are not going to talk about any type of hypothesis. We do not want to get into speculation and fiddling with names.

Alonso concluded by saying: “I tell people that we are with a procedure that we define from the first moment, with a candidate to whom we transfer our interest and an environment of time to make the decision. Outside of that we have an established procedure, therefore, none of this is being improvised or lacking in foundations ”.