En meses de sorpresas boxísticas, ¿qué tanto puede Pitbull Cruz sorprender a Gervonta Davis?

Surprises have been constant in boxing in recent weeks, and Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, who is measured before Gervonta davis This Sunday, he seeks to give the third surprise in a row in world belt fights. The Mexican arrives as underprivileged in the bets against him Tank.

cross makes his arrival in his first main event in the United States, while the surprise victories of Kiko Martinez upon Kid galahad and George Kambosos upon Teofimo Lopez.

The Mexican contender (22-1-1, 15 KO’s) has been on the rise for the past year in the lightweight division. It is classified by the magazine The Ring as the ninth best fighter at 135 pounds.

A week ago, in the blow of the Greek-Australian Kambosos, He entered the ring in the eighth position on that list, just one step ahead of the Mexican. And he bowed to Theophimus, to remove it completely from the division.

When Kiko Martinez disconnected the British at home Galahad, on November 13, to snatch his featherweight title from the FIB, Spanish was not even classified by The Ring.

Can Pitbull Cruz star in more surprises at the end of 2021?

In view of Davis, the Pitbull cross faces the best rival of his career. The American has been characterized as an action fighter who calculates very well when to fight and when to apply pressure.

Nevertheless, Tank (25-0-0, 24 KO’s), with his left-handed guard and the defensive learning he has acquired from his mentor, Floyd Mayweather Jr, It’s not going to be easy to connect during the fight.

In spite of everything, to Davis, 27, could be a difficult night before cross.

The Mexican took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic era to fight five times in 23 months, something completely rare in these times.

His streak is part of the momentum with which he sensationally knocked out in the first round at Jessie magdaleno on October 31, 2020, then a difficult victory over the Argentine Jose Matías Romero by decision on March 13, 2021. His most recent win was over former champion world super feather Francisco “Bandido” Vargas unilaterally in ten rounds, on June 19 in Houston, Texas.

cross He is 23 years old and will fight for the sixth time in two years. Accumulate 41 rounds of action for just 28 of Davis in the same span, but each time he’s looked better as a lightweight.

A bite of the Pitbull The Tank’s armor would be enough to push him out of his boxing comfort zone and make for a tough, and uncomfortable match for the African-American, who is also ranked sixth in super lightweight by The Ring.

It should be noted that despite the lightweight title AMB that Davis holds, in no way is it the absolute title of 135 pounds, the super belt, since that is in the power of Kambosos. The Australian is considered by many to be the undisputed champion of the division, adding the OMB, the FIB, the RING linear and the CMB franchise. The belt that Gervonta davis se faja is the regular, minor version of the title AMB.

Yes Davis wins, as the bets project that it could happen, the most important thing that is going to happen is to add your name to those of Kambosos, Lopez, Devin haney, Ryan Garcia, Vasily Lomachenko and Jojo diaz as the best in the lightweight division.

His title ‘B’ takes a backseat. However, it is important to clarify the confusing scenario that organisms create, and their running factory. It should be noted that the same weekend, on another billboard, Jojo diaz challenge Devin haney by its regular title of CMB in this division. It is the title that I had Lomachenko in 2019 and that later the body chaired by Mauricio Sulaiman modified to leave the Ukrainian with a franchise version already Haney with a regular.

Pitbull Cruz is tough, you can't ignore him: Mayweather warns Gervonta Davis

Cruz vs Davis, opposite styles

But going back to the duel cross vs Davis, what is expected is a fight of opposite styles. The Pitbull will attempt to be the aggressor in hitting volume, throwing bulk bites in the early part of the fight to prevent the Tank Aim accurately at your active target.

Davis, for his part, he will try to establish the conditions that suit him the most: lower hitting volume, high percentage of power shots. And in addition, he will do it sustained precision behind the jab by being patient to choose the open points of a runaway opponent in attack. It is there, where Gervonta he uses his punching power to define the fight, as he did against Leo Santa Cruz.

cross he’s going to have little chance against an armored and gunned rival in his left-handed guard. It is better for the Mexican to carry an alternative combat plan in case it lasts until the world championship rounds.

If the dog inside cross, implements a more tactical approach and imposes its machismo on the rival who defends the status as an emerging attraction at 135 and 140 pounds, Davis he’s going to have the most difficult night of his career.

The possibility of a surprise is low, but as long as it exists it is exciting for boxing.