Laporta trusts the renewal of Dembélé: "It is better than Mbappé"

BARCELONA – Joan Laporta this Friday expressed his hope that Ousmane Dembélé will impose his desire to renew his contract with Barcelona, ​​stating that he knows that the player “wants to stay” and, warning that “the best thing is not always money”, he ruled that in his opinion of the Barça footballer “is better than Kylian Mbappe”.

The president of Barcelona, ​​during an interview with TV3, valued the contacts between the club and Dembélé’s representative, Moussa Sissoko, assuring that they maintain “a very good relationship.” “Ousmane wants to stay and I know it because we have a very good relationship with him, and for us he is a piece of player and we want him to stay,” he proclaimed, taking for granted that it is not a matter of easy solution.

“These are situations that require negotiation, the representatives want the best for the player and I make them understand that the best thing is not only the money and I hope it stays,” he revealed before solving that in his opinion the football quality of the forward It is beyond all doubt. “I am a Dembélé enthusiast … For me he is better than Mbappé and I would very much like him to stay at Barcelona.”

Laporta also referred to the winter market and supported the statements of the general director, Ferran Reverter, last Wednesday in which he assured that the club will be in a position to reinforce the squad. “We will try to strengthen the team because the coach has asked us to do so … But at the moment we have no salary margin and we have to let the football director work.”

In this sense, he did not want to give clues about the movements carried out by Barça in recent months and when asked about the option of signing Manchester City forward Ferran Torres, he simply acknowledged that he is “a player who has the direction of football, such as many others, and we’ll see how it goes “, reporting that it is the department led by Mateu Alemany that must” be prepared for whatever the coach asks for. “