Así lució Pitbull Cruz en la conferencia de prensa

Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz confessed the reason why he wore a suit at the press conference with Gervonta davis, prior to their clash on Sunday, December 5.

“We come with everything, presentable, because it is not for less,” he confessed cross to a group of reporters.

Isaac He will probably win the biggest purse of his career when he faces the United States champion, who has a 25-win record with 24 of them coming by way of knockout.

cross He assured that money is not what moves him for the fight and his main motivation is focused on taking the belt from Davis.

“The money is left over right now, our mind is focused on taking away the undefeated from Gervonta davis“Said the Mexican. “The material thing is right now on the side. My son is happy, we are going to bring him that belt, I am going to keep the promise ”.

Careo between Pitbull Cruz and Gervonta Davis

Pitbull Cruz and his relationship with Manny Pacquiao

The Pitbull He also said he felt an enormous responsibility on his shoulders as the only Mexican who is part of the promoter of Manny pacquiao.

He also confessed that he does not intend to set aside the trust they have placed in him and will leave with great motivation for the fight.

“Very happy that a superstar and a legend like Manny pacquiao I trust us and our work ”, he pointed out. “We are not going to let you down. Just as he trusted me, I promise not to disappoint him and to give my all in this enormous opportunity ”.

cross will play his third fight in 2021, after achieving two wins against Francisco “Bandido” Vargas and Jose Matías Romero. While Gervonta will make his second presentation of the year, after his victory against Mario Barrios last June.

The Pitbull relieved Rolly Romero, who was accused by a woman of sexual assault in USA. Although he entered on short notice, he assured that his hunger for victory will be seen above the ring.

“He has not faced a fighter like me,” he mentioned. “With the hunger that I have to be world champion.”