Santiago Gómez Cora: "The balance is positive and the team is doing well"

Santiago Gomez Cora gave his feelings after what was the first day of activity for The Pumas 7’s in the Seven in Dubai, in which he qualified for the quarterfinals to play against Great Britain.

In dialogue with the official website of the UAR, the coach of the selected team assured: “We had two very tough first matches, very rough with two tremendous rivals, such as Spain and France, who luckily we were able to win them. With other results we were already first in the area, then as we had little rotation, We decided to give the debutants minutes to add experience, and that was an advantage for Fiji. Anyway, the balance is positive and the team is fine, although a little worn, typical state due to the lack of competition and two weeks in a row with tournaments ”, he specified.

Who also made statements was Santiago Vera Feld, one of the five debutantes of the selected one: “The balance of the first day is positive; we were able to finish first in the area. The first match of a tournament always costs a bit more, and luckily we were able to pull it off towards the end. The clash with France was key, because we were at stake in qualifying, and we managed to comply with the game system and win. And already in the last game, it seems to me that we got into the Fiji game a lot, we couldn’t play what we like and that clearly showed in the result. Now the key is to turn the page of the duel with the Fijians, Rest well and prepare what is coming, which will surely be just as hard as this first day ”, he commented.