Sebastián Battaglia already feels outside Boca Juniors

The latest episode of indiscipline at Boca Juniors left Sebastián Battaglia exposed and the coach already feels that he is out of the team when his contract ends.

The DT was very upset by the leaks to the press about what happened with Edwin Cardona, Sebastián Villa and Carlos Zambrano and maintained an extensive talk with the squad about it, of which details were also disclosed to the press.

The technician’s lie about the “intoxication” of the two Colombians and the Peruvian, who were going to be headlines and then appeared as substitutes against Newell’s, was quickly exposed due to the contradictions with other team players and because the versions reached journalism. real of what happened.

On ESPN Fútbol 12, Augusto César revealed that, through conversations with several xeneizes players, the way in which Battaglia spoke to them gave them to understand that he does not see himself in office beyond December.

Nevertheless, From the leadership, the chronicler of the Mariano Closs program was assured that it is not like that, that “it is still under evaluation” and it may be that he is uncomfortable.

Augusto César added that the DT “was already waiting to be offered the renewal” and that has not happened yet, although it could happen soon.

For now, Battaglia told the squad to stay together until December 8, the date on which the final of the Argentine Cup will be played against Talleres de Córdoba, which will close the season and it will be known if Boca fulfilled the great goal of qualifying for CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022.