The preview of the URBA Top 12 semifinals

This weekend the URBA Top 12 semifinals on the CASI court. The day Saturday, Newman will face CUBA. While the Sunday, SIC and Hindu will seek to get into the definition. Both encounters can be experienced from 17 o’clock live on Star +.

Newman vs. CUBA (Saturday at 5pm live on Star + and ESPN Extra)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Newman was the best team in the regular stage, obtaining number one in the general table with 67 points. There were 14 wins and only two defeats during the year: the teams that defeated him were Belgrano, on the fourth date by 14 to 10, and Alumni, on the eighth day by the minimum, 19 to 18.

Cardenal was the top-scoring team in the URBA Top 12, with 579 points in favor, and had the fewest goals in defense, with only 247 points against. With 75 tries, he was the third most effective club in the tournament, although the 31 received placed him as the best defense of the tournament.

Alfredo Cordone, Marcelo Torres and Javier Urtubey used 34 players in the 16 matches, with perfect assistance for Lucas Marguery and Tomás Ureta. In turn, Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada was the tournament’s top scorer with 151 goals, while “Canario” Gosio and “Largo” Daireaux each reached 10 tries. Jerónimo Ulloa, with only nine appearances, supported eight tries, which marked the high prominence he had since his debut on matchday five.

Newman achieved a 76% effectiveness in sending to the sticks, with 57 conversions of 75 tries supported (37 by Scooby Gutiérrez Taboada and 20 by Florencio Llerena).

University classified in the fourth position in the general table after obtaining 12 victories and losing four matches, in which he added 54 points. Those who surpassed CUBA were: Hindú, by 36 to 25 on the sixth date, Newman by 25 to 23 on the seventh, SIC by 13 to 8 in the eighth, and in the second round, Belgrano by 40 to 19, in the last date and when they were already classified.

CUBA scored 56 tries and received 42, with the third best defense of the URBA Top 12, which received 321 goals against. Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe had a high profile until he was injured at the end of the first wheel. From the opening day until the ninth date, he played all the games and converted 99 points (he finished with 103). Marcos Moroni, with a great second wheel, took the post and was the one who followed him by winning 65 points (48 on the second wheel). Moroni, Santiago Uriarte and Lucas Maguire were the ones who played the most, with 15 matches each.

The forwards marked the way for the team led by Tomás Cóppola, Federico Sala and Agustín Benedit: Enrique Devoto, eight tries and Estanislao Carullo, six, were the top Cuban scorers.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Newman this semifinal is awaited with great anxiety after playing a spectacular tournament. El Bordó wants to twist the negative story at the decisive crossing, since they could never win in the URBA semifinal stage. They only agreed to a definition in 2008 after drawing in the CASI against the SIC in 6 points; after being better classified in the general table. It will be the seventh semifinal for the Cardinal.

CUBA made a 180 degree turn if one takes into account that in the last two tournaments they played the playoffs for permanence. University student has not classified to be among the four best for six years, after the series of three finals in a row against Hindú, between 2013 and 2015. The Cubans will play their eighth semifinal.

BACKGROUND: This year they met in Benavídez and the Cardinal won by 25 to 23. In 2019 the León won in Villa de Mayo in the opening round by 24 to 17, but the tie on the last date in six goals left Newman out of the finals and saved the Cubans from direct relegation to play for the repechage. There they took off the pressure of losing the category by beating Olivos by 35 to 20.

They arrive with a remarkable parity since 1997: they won 15 games each and drew in 2019 (6-6) and in 1999 (21-21). By the final instances, CUBA won in the semifinals of 2015, by 13 to 12 and in 2013, by 27 to 15, while Newman won the quarterfinals of 2012 by 15 to 13.

SIC vs. Hindu (Sunday at 5 p.m. live on Star + and ESPN 3)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Match with a lot of history between the two most winning clubs in URBA tournaments in the last 25 years. SIC defends the title of champion that it obtained in 2019, while Hindú has not won, it has been champion since 2017. There are 26 titles for the trenchers and ten for El Elefante from 1996 to date.

SIC finished second in the general table, with 64 points, after 14 victories and only two falls. The teams that beat him were Newman on the sixth round of the opening round by 24 to 19 and CUBA, in the second phase, on the second day by 26 to 20.

The cast led by Chato González Bonorino and Lucas Cilley was the protagonist throughout the season, with a decisive Paco Lamas in the first round, author of 124 points until he went to seven – he had a consecrating debut with Los Pumas 7s in Dubai, by scoring 18 goals in just three games. With 74 tries they finished third, behind Newman and Hindú. They were the best defense in the URBA Top 12 behind Newman, with just 37 tries against.

Mateo Madero, with 10 tries, Tomás Meyrelles, Federico Haedo and Justo Piccardo, seven, and Jacinto Campbell, six, are the most effective of the Boulogne cast. Gastón Arias, with 48 points, took the post from Lamas in the second round. They used 36 players and those who had the most filming were Marcos Borghi, Campbell, Tomás Comisatti, Haedo, Andrea Panzarini and Lucas Sommer, with 15 games.

Hindu finished third in the general table: he won 12 and lost four with these markers: 21 to 5 vs. the SIC, on the fourth date; 51 to 15 vs. Newman, in the fifth, 31 to 15 against the Cardinal, on the second date of the second round and on the last date vs. Pucará, by 48 to 26 in Don Torcuato.

Toto Fernández Miranda used 39 players, with Juan Comolli, Nicolás D’amorim and Lucas Pulido with perfect assistance. D’amorim was the great revelation of the team, scoring 11 tries and being the scorer for the Elephant and the tournament. Hindú got seven penalty tries thanks to the work of his forwards, which also added seven wins through Nicolás Leiva and six by Agustín Capurro. The backs that most supported the squad were Joaquín de la Vega Mendía and Federico Graglia, with six each. The captain, Santiago Fernández, was the team’s top scorer with 94 goals followed by de la Vega Mendía, who added 90 and will go to the MLR once the URBA Top 12 is finished.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: It is the classic of the modern era in Buenos Aires, with ten titles for Hindú since 1996 and eight for the San Isidro Club. Since 1998, when the semi-finals are played, Don Torcuato’s club has a very difficult record to match, with 20 classifications over 22 definitions. They only missed the finals of the years 2000 and 2011, when they were played by Alumni vs. Pucará and SIC vs. San Luis, in the tournament that was defined in overtime with a drop from Benjamín Madero.

The trenchers want to repeat the 2019 title, while in Don Torcuato they already feel that they have not made the Olympic turn in the local tournament for a long time, since that 2017 title against Alumni.

BACKGROUND: This year they arrived undefeated at Boulogne, where the SIC won by the fourth date by 21 to 5. In the last SIC title, in 2019, the trenchers could not with Hindú, who beat them on both wheels, by 31 to 27 and 34 to 27.

In the semifinal instances they are two by two, since the last one in 2013 that the Elephant won, by 16 to 3. The previous ones were: 2006, Hindu 35 to 34, 2004, SIC 20 to 3 and 2003, 10 to 8 for the trenchers.

The only final was played in the old BACRC stadium, in 1998, where the Elephant won its second Buenos Aires title by 38 to 12.