Uruguay dominates the Junior Pan American rowing with five golds

Uruguay accumulated a total of five gold medals in rowing in their saddlebags from the Junior Pan American Games in Cali, in which this Friday they took two and confirmed that they are the master of this discipline.

The rowing medal table is completed by Chile with a gold medal that they won in the women’s w4 event.

At Lake Calima, alternate venue to Cali in these jousts, four golds were disputed in rowing today, among which Uruguay won the m4 category with a time of 06: 20.90.

In the same test, the silver was taken by Paraguay with a time of 06: 32.29 and the bronze was achieved by Mexico by stopping the clock at 06: 36.41.

The winning quartet for the medals were, respectively, Uruguayans Felipe Klüver, Leandro Rodas, Martín Zócalo and Newton Eric Seawright, who reached gold.

The Paraguayans Daniel Villalba, Gustavo Ávalos, Ivan Estigarribia and Nicolás Villalba, who took the silver; and the Mexicans Emilio García, Gabriel Díaz, Julio López and Luis Fernando García, who obtained the bronze.

In the women’s W2 test, Uruguay returned to hang the gold with a time of 08: 01.72, the silver went to the Mexican team with a time of 08: 06.70 and the bronze for Chile with a time of 08: 07.99.

In this category, the Uruguayan team was represented by Zoe Acosta and Yuliana Etchebarne, Mexico achieved silver with Devanih Plata and Lilian Armenta and Chile took bronze with Antonia Liewald and Isidora Niemeyer.

Uruguay also won the women’s W4x category that was held on Thursday at Lake Calima, 96 kilometers north of Cali.

The Uruguayans reached a time of 07: 08.18 to access the gold, silver remained in Mexico with a time of 07: 23.77 and the bronze for Ecuador with a time of 07: 52.89.

The Uruguayan team was made up of Cloe Callorda, Romina Cetraro, Tatiana Seijas and Zoe Acosta, the Mexicans by Aylin Ibarra, Mildred Mercado, Mónica García and Ximena Castellanos and the Ecuadorians by Domenique Murrieta, Helen González, Iulia Solano and Kerly Salazar.

Uruguayans Zoe Acosta, Felipe Klüver, Martín Zócalo and Leandro Rodas have achieved two gold medals each at these Junior Pan American Games in Cali.