Cuándo vuelve a pelear logan paul

The youtuber has a couple of years since he decided to debut as a professional boxer, his followers love him, that’s why we tell you when does Logan Paul fight again?. In this text of LEFT PUNCH You will be able to consult his next rival, dates and results for 2021.

Logan He is an influencer who started his career on the Vine platform, little by little his brother appeared Jake Paul. When the app closed, they both moved to YouTube and their fame exploded to the impact it has today.

In his channel he has just over 23 million subscribers, while in his Instagram account he has 21.5 million followers.

He is also an actor, participated in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Weird Loners and a movie on YouTube Premium called The Thinning.

When does Logan Paul fight again?

From a very young age he began to train different sports, but he focused on boxing and little by little he raised his level, until in 2018 he announced his first fight. His fans supported him, but boxing fans criticized him.

Faced his partner KSI, lost, but left good impressions and his followers asked for more boxing content. A year later he obtained a license to box professionally, with the goal of having his fight refereed.

In December 2020, the bout of Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. The fight generated a lot of expectation and was held on June 6, 2021. No winner was declared because it was an exhibition.

Logan He is already looking for a next rival and everything points to what it will be Mike tyson. There are several rumors that Logan and Tyson will face each other in the first months of 2022, so the youtuber has already started to heat up the fight.

“He’s too old,” 26-year-old Paul said of 55-year-old Tyson. “He’s getting old. Time takes its toll on everyone ”.

There are no more details yet, but it is most likely that Mike tyson and Logan paul Collect a good bag in the exhibition match.


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