Arsenal de Sarandí vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - December 4, 2021

( – Boca accentuated the bad moment that it has been going through in this final stretch of the year, by drawing 1 to 1 in Sarandí against Arsenal, the last of the championship.

Thus, he wasted a good chance to secure a place in the 2022 Copa Libertadores, and now he will have to wait for other results to reach that goal, which is close anyway.

The weak performance of Xeneize leaves many doubts for the final on Wednesday in Santiago del Estero, when Sebastián Battaglia’s men meet in the definition of the Argentine Cup against Talleres.

The DT stopped what in principle would be the starting team against the T, but the weak performance this Saturday leaves open several questions.

It should be remembered that the week was “hot” in the Boca world due to an alleged “intoxication” of Villa, Cardona and Zambrano, who came out on the bench last date against Newell’s, when they were going to be headlines.

This time Cardona and Villa were starters, but they did not play a good game, like almost the whole team. Thus, despite taking the lead after 43 minutes of play through Ramírez, the team was never the protagonist.

A slow Boca was noticed in Sarandí, without surprises, more similar to the group that Miguel Angel Russo left a few months ago than the one taken by Battaglia as soon as he assumed.

And Arsenal, last in the table, with just 11 goals in the tournament and with interim DT, a team without soul was encouraged. At 29 minutes, Sepúlveda scored the well-deserved draw. And then Sarandí’s team was close to winning it.

An error by Rojo left the ball served to Viveros, but Rossi saved the fall of his goal with his feet. Later another error, in this case by Izquierdoz, almost ended in the second by Viveros, after a deflected shot.

Boca had in the last play a free kick on the edge of the area at Cardona’s feet, which hit the barrier. It was one of the few clear chances in the second half for Xeneize. In the previous play, there was almost a penalty against Fabra, in a doubtful play that Pitana saw outside the area.

What left the crash against Ass was that Rossi, with two saves, was the best of the visitor. A clear sample of the present of the Xeneize.

The truth is that Boca has not won three games, added two of the last nine points in play and the team is lost on the field of play. No answers on the court and from the bench: despite the terrible game, Battaglia only made one change.

People asked for “eggs” and demanded to win the Argentine Cup next Wednesday, in a key game for the future of DT and without a doubt, for that of many players.