Global Combate: quarterfinal matches ready for one-night tournament 'Copa Combate'

Combate Global announced the official groups and the first quarter-final stage of the matchups for its highly anticipated Copa Combate bantamweight tournament on December 12.

The 135-pound one-night tournament will have a group with the Mexican Carlos Briseño (13-2) against the Chilean Cristian ‘Scorpio’ Barraza (7-3), and the Irish Frans ‘The Zulu Irishman’ Mlambo (10-5) against the Peruvian José ‘The Mercenary’ Zarauz (22-8-1).

Meanwhile, the other group will have the American Leo Muniz (6-1) against the French Pierre ‘The French Hawaiian’ Daguzan (6-5), and the Spanish Kevin Lamb (12-2) against the Argentine Luciano ‘El Aguila’ Ramos (8-6).

The winners of the two quarterfinal bouts in each group will meet in the semi-final stage of the tournament that same night, and the two winners of the semi-final bouts will meet in the action stage of the championship with a prize of $ 100,000 up for grabs. .

The tournament quarterfinal bouts and semi-final stage bouts will each consist of a five-minute round, and the final championship bout will consist of three five-minute rounds.

The event in Miami, Florida, can be seen live on Univision / TUDN USA for the United States starting at 11 pm ET.