Así fueron los empujones entre Gervonta Davis y Pitbull Cruz

Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz and Gervonta davis They complied with the weigh-in prior to their fight on Sunday, December 5, in which the regular belt of the AMB of light weights. The two made a rather hot confrontation and there was even shoving.

Tank registered 134.5 pounds and the Mexican left the scale at 134.5 pounds. After passing the scale, the two of them stared at each other for a minute. Despite being asked to pose for the cameras, they kept their eyes on each other.

The American was the one who decided to break the gaze and showed his muscles before the cameras trying to cover up Pitbull. However, the Mexican did not stop and Davis he pushed him. Security quickly drove them away and did not move on to seniors.

“It’s a fight to show my skills, my footwork, all the tools that I haven’t shown before,” he said. Gervonta davis. “I think it’s the fight where I can show it.

“The dinasty cross and we Mexicans are known for waging wars and that is what we are going to give, “said the boxer of the Mexico City. “It motivates me as a fighter, as a person, to do my job for my children.”

This is what Pitbull Cruz and Gervonta Davis looked like

The background of Gervonta Davis and Pitbull Cruz

Gervonta is coming off reaching 140 pounds in his previous bout against Mario Barrios, in which he took away the super lightweight championship. He has fought in three different divisions in recent years, going through 130, 135 and 140 pounds.

Davis He has been forceful and has knocked out opponents from super featherweight to super lightweight in the last two years. One of its most prominent victims was Leo Santa Cruz in 2020, whom he defeated by knockout with a left uppercut.

While, The Pitbull Cruz he has not weighed more than 135 pounds in his last six appearances. cross will make his third fight of the year, after defeating Francisco “Bandido” Vargas and Jose Matías Romero by unanimous decision

The Mexican and the American came to share the billboard in October of this 2020. Davis was the stellar match and knocked out Leo Santa Cruz in the sixth round, while the Pitbull achieved a victory 53 seconds into the first round against Diego Magdaleno.

At just 23 years old, cross came in relief to fight against Rolly Romero, because a woman accused him of sexual abuse. The output of the Rolly opened the door to Isaac for the first shot at a world title in his career.

The Pitbull will have in front of Gervonta, undefeated in 25 bouts and who has been knocked out in each of his appearances since 2015.