Julio Cësar Chávez apareció sano y haciendo ejercicio

Former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez He reappeared after confirming his positive for Covid 19 and made him healthy and running on the treadmill, sure that the vitamin C he takes helped him to be well.

“Friends, here getting the coronavirus out,” he said. JC Chavez at the beginning of a video that he published on his social networks. “I’m on my way out thanks to God, thanks to my vitamin C that I take every day ”.

Earlier this week the promoter of the play “Los commandmentos de un hombre chingón”, in which the former boxer will participate, confirmed that the tour was postponed because JC Chavez had tested positive for Covid 19.

“Although you may not believe it, but it has made me a big strike,” added the three-time Mexican world champion. “The truth is that thanks to this vitamin C I have not had symptoms of fever, cough, I simply tested positive.”

He reiterated the legendary idol of Mexico, while running on the treadmill, which thanks to his discipline and the vitamin is healthy.

“Thanks to my training, thanks to my discipline I am doing well,” he concluded. July. “Thanks to my vitamin C, I recommend it to you, it is not because I am fluffy, but thanks to this vitamin I am healthy.”

Julio Cesar Chavez share credits with Jorge van Rankin and Roberto Palazuelos in the work, which was postponed and new dates will be announced soon.

Upon confirmation of the positive of JC Chavez to Covid 19, the company promoting the work had reported that the former champion was asymptomatic and that he was undergoing treatment at home, always with the great sense of humor that has characterized him.