LeBron James, annoyed with the handling of NBA protocols, after being isolated

LOS ANGELES – LeBron James returned to the Staples Center court on Friday in the LA Lakers’ loss to the LA Clippers after missing a game due to NBA health safety protocols due to a false positive for COVID-19 in one of the tests. LeBron was unhappy with the league’s handling of the situation and spoke up after his comeback on the court.

“Outside of going to my kids’ game last night, I’m confused, frustrated, angry. I could not have done anything. I was sitting in the house without being able to do anything from Monday night, until they allowed me to return around four o’clock on Thursday afternoon. I touched a ball until Friday morning, ”shared an annoyed LeBron James after the 119-115 loss to the city rival.

“I think all of this was handled very poorly,” he said. “It bothered me that the first test came out negative, the second positive. Whenever a positive comes back, they usually do another test to be sure. They didn’t do that to me and it bothered me that there was no other test, but they immediately made me look to return home from Sacramento. They left me alone, no one could travel with me, without security, or anything, to isolate me, “he added.

LeBron James has had a difficult start to the season with the Lakers, between injuries, a suspension game and another of COVID-19 protocols, which have not allowed him to find a regularity with the team. James has participated in 12 of the 24 games the Angelenos have played so far and has not been able to play more than three consecutive games.

“Before going to Sacramento we were getting into a good rhythm on offense and defense as a team, but personally, it has been very frustrating that between the groin or abdomen injury and now dealing with the false positive of missing a game that did not it allowed us to maintain the rhythm that I was beginning to find, it has been a very difficult start to the season for me, “said LeBron, who contributed 23 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists in his comeback.

The reality is that, not only for LeBron, but for the entire squad the first quarter of the season has been difficult because between the new incorporations and injuries, there has been no consistency. Lakers are 12-12 (.500), seventh in the Western Conference.

The next match for the Lakers will be another major rivalry against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday.