Rafa Borré scored in the defeat of Eintracht Frankfurt

Rafael Santos Borré was present in the defeat of Eintracht Frankfurt 2-3 against Hoffenheim, as a visitor, at the PreZero Arena stadium, in play corresponding to matchday 14 of the German League.

The Colombian He started in a game that suffered again because of the few opportunities he had to score, because the German team showed many problems in the offensive football generation. In total there were three shots that the forward could do.

In the first minutes of the first half he was very close to scoring, but incredibly he wasted a clear play inside the area. Borré made a diagonal to remove the mark from above and, after a cross, he headed the ball but his shot was deflected.

Minutes later he made up for the poor definition and again with a header he opened the scoring. The play originated from a corner kick after Lindstrøm threw a rained cross into the heart of the area, where Rafa appeared to score the first goal of the night.

Eintracht Frankfurt had several minutes of good football, in which it dominated its rival and in which it was able to extend the score. However, he failed to do so and, due to various defensive errors, ended up losing the match, being outscored at the end of the first half.

For the second half, Borré’s team went out to find the tie and took ownership of the development of the commitment, however, it did so with little clarity and the few options it created were wasted by the players who did not define correctly.

With the defeat, Frankfurt is in eleventh place in the standings with 18 points, away by five points from the relegation zone.

On the next day, Rafa Borré will face Bayer Leverkusen in local condition for date 15 of the Bundesliga.