Ricky Álvarez: "To retire here is a dream for me, I'm happy it's in Vélez"

Ricky Álvarez lived his last game as a professional in the game that Velez and Patronato tied on the second-to-last date of the Professional Soccer League. The 33-year-old midfielder, who passed through Inter and Sunderland retired as he had anticipated through the club’s social networks, “retiring here for me is a dream, it is a stage that is closing and I am happy that be here because Velez is my home “he declared.

The player who debuted in Vélez in 2008, participated in the 2014 World Cup runner-up team in Brazil. After passing through Europe and the Atlas of Mexico, he returned to Argentina last year to join the club with which he is retiring today.

During this last tournament he did not have great continuity due to the injuries he suffered “Physical problems conditioned me throughout my career, when I returned to Vélez I decided to be at one hundred percent. I was able to enjoy it at first and now I can’t enjoy it as I would like. I don’t want to force it. The time has come ”he explained through the club’s website.