Nothing more forceful than a knockout and Sergio Pettis retained the Bellator belt in the most spectacular way possible.

When the Japanese Kioji Horiguchi seemed to have controlled the main fight of Bellator 272, the monarch pulled a trick from the hat that will be remembered for years as one of the best in the history of the promotion’s bantamweight division. An impressive swivel elbow that sent him to sleep instantly.

In the first episode, the Horiguchi was much more effective with the hit although the damage was not evident. Pettis closed tight for kicks and spinning fists.

For the second, the Japanese opened in left-handed guard and forced the fighter of Puerto Rican and Mexican origin to also do the same. More connected punches from Kioji, but he came out with a notorious cut on his right cheekbone that was bleeding profusely before the cutman’s intervention.

So the Asian promoter Rizin champion would start to draw on the experience, knowing he could have the first two innings in the bag, he went out looking for the takedown and after several seconds Pettis’ defense gave way. It was the same path of the fourth round although Sergio managed to put the fight on its feet and prepare his only clear route to victory, a completion.

The exchange continued until Sergio delivered a kick to the head that failed to land, but followed it up with a left spinning punch straight to Horiguchi’s jaw. The second time he’s been knocked out in his career, but he never fell that way.

The former UFC flyweight challenger spent minutes on the mat as Pettis celebrated with his team what could be the knockout of the year at Bellator at 3:24 of the fourth round.

The belt stays at home, with a monarch who knew that the fight was disadvantaging him: “I knew that I was losing in the first four, I had to do something spectacular and finish. I knew I would have to face adversity and Horiguchi gave me a lot, “he said in the subsequent interview.

In the co-main event, Mexican-born fighter Emmanuel Sánchez tied his third loss in a row in a bout where he couldn’t get off the canvas against Jeremy Kennedy and was left with identical 30-27 scorecards for all three judges in his against.

During the undercard Bellator announced a bantamweight tournament for 2022 with a million dollars involved, where Horiguchi could have a new opportunity to overthrow the man of the night, Sergio Pettis.