Stamped with Bill Belichick

From what I have seen, Belichick and Bill Walsh are the two best coaches, by far.

I hope you enjoyed the “gap year” from the New England Patriots. 2020 was a strange season, the first without Tom Brady, with Cam Newton at the controls and few dynamic players on offense. Just 7 won and 9 lost, out of the playoffs. Very well, Pats are back in one of the best coaching jobs in Bill belichick in his carrer.

Six consecutive victories: Jets (clients), in Los Angeles against the Chargers, in Carolina, Cleveland, in Atlanta and against the Titans. His current mark of 8 wins and 4 losses could be even better. Remember the games against the Buccaneers and the Dolphins? They may well have won them.

With such a streak they will visit in Monday Night Football the bumpy Buffalo Bills team, almost unanimous favorite to win the division. Why could the Patriots win? There are several very solid reasons.

New england they are the second-highest turnover team with 25. JC Jackson is the second-most interceptions player, with 7. Only Myles Garrett and TJ Watt have had more quarterback sacks than Matt Judon, who they brought in this season from Baltimore. Defense is Belichick’s specialty and little by little he has built an elite group.

The winning streak coincides with the finding of the ideal combination of the five offensive linemen protecting Mac Jones. That’s the great starting point for making successful connections with Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Agholor in the long game, and with Hunter Henry in the goal zone, in addition to the running game.

Jones is one of the five rookie quarterbacks who has perhaps the lowest ceiling, but he is the best trained, the one with the brightest mind coaching him and the one with the best support networks so that the game does not depend on him. .

From what I have seen Belichick next to Bill walsh they are the two best coaches by far. Jobs like this season accentuate his legacy. I don’t know how far they are going to go, but the difference compared to last year is abysmal.