Daniil Medvedev: "I didn't want to be rude"

Daniil Medvedev, No. 2 in the world ranking and winner of the Davis Cup 2021 with the Russian team, said that despite the date and format changes in this competition “The best continue to represent their country and that is the important thing”.

Novak (Djokovic) has been here, Rafa (Nadal) won last year… I can’t compare the old format with this one, I don’t know the previous feelings, but the best ones are delighted to play, “he said at a press conference after the victory.

Russia’s team finishes 2021 as champions of the two great men’s team competitions, the ATP Cup and the Davis Cup, and Medvedev would not know which one to keep. “I like both tournaments, both are incredible. Davis has more history, but I can’t say anything bad or too good about either. I’m just happy that Russia won both of them this year“said the Moscow player.

The idea of ​​having “four venues in Europe” for Davis 2022 “and then coming together in Abu Dhabi for the finals, where the facilities and conditions seem excellent, sounds good,” Medvedev said.

Finally, Medvedev admitted that “it was probably not a good decision” to celebrate a point in Saturday’s semi-finals against Germany by mimicking a gesture by Cristiano Ronaldo. “He didn’t want to be rude, he wanted to be funny. Today there was a lot of public supporting Marin (Cilic), but then everyone seemed happy to see us win, “he said.