Ficovich is the champion at the San Pablo Challenger

From myocarditis and having the “lost year” to reaching his first Challenger title.

Juan Pablo Ficovich defeated qualifier Luciano Darderi and he won the trophy in San Pablo, a trophy that was played on a surface of brick dust and distributed 52 thousand dollars in prizes.

The Buenosairean was superior for the 6-3 and 7-5 final. It should be remembered that the Argentine came from another triumph: he had been able in the semifinals with the Chilean Nicolás Jarry by 6-2 and 7-6 (5) to get into the final.

Ficovich, located in the 285th position of the world ranking in the preview of the tournament, now gets close to 232 ° and with chances of playing the Australian Open qualy, in a year that seemed like a nightmare to the point of not knowing his own ranking.

Meanwhile, Darderi, a native of Villa Gesell and representing Italy, He reached the decisive day from qualifying, because his rival, local Felipe Rodrigues Meligeni Alves, tested positive for Covid-19 and could not appear.

Argentine tennis players won 20 titles in the Challenger category this year, the winner being Sebastián Báez with six trophies.