Gennady Golovkin

Even though the next year he turns 40, Gennady Golovkin He assured that retirement has not yet crossed his mind.

“I am preparing in a great way,” he said. GGG to The Sun when asked if he was considering hanging up his gloves. “I am in impeccable shape and I know that all the decisions I make will be based on how I feel and for now I am fantastic.”

Golovkin He only fought once in all of 2020 and will end 2021 without a single fight, after the fight was postponed against Ryota murata for health conditions in Japan.

GGG was going to unify the middle belts of the FIB and AMB against the Japanese champion, but recently with the closing of borders by the new variant omicron of coronavirus, the organization was forced to go through the fight until the first quarter of 2022.

“I feel very bad that this fight has been postponed, but the health and safety of the public must always be the priority,” the Kazakh wrote after the announcement was made. “I look forward to coming back against Ryota as soon as possible”.

GGG He also assured that when the time comes to think about retirement, he will know that it is a correct decision, since he will never do something that harms his physical or psychological health.

“All the decisions I made will be the correct ones, whether I decide to keep fighting or want to hang up my gloves, that will be the best decision when it is necessary to make it,” he said. “For now I feel very good about my career and what is happening, I will always make sure that whatever I do in my career is always the best.”

Canelo and Golovkin

Gennady Golovkin has no retirement plans yet

Golovkin He also commented that, despite his age, he still feels motivated to go through tough training camps for the fighting and that it helps him to clear himself a little from home and his family.

“It’s a way to get away from my family and focus on my preparation and my training,” he said. “Sometimes someone distracts you at home and more when you have a large family. There are always new details in each camp to study the rival, but I still really enjoy being in these tough training sessions ”.