Montserrat Torres ganó ante Guerrerita Torres

Montserrat Alarcón Raya was better in a war from beginning to end and was imposed by majority decision to Silvia Torres placeholder image to win the strawweight title WBC Fecarbox.

Montserrat, who is also the atom champion of the AMB, was left with the triumph with cards of 99-91, 98-92 and 95-95, to stay with the well-deserved victory, although the cards a bit far from what was seen in the ring of the Palenque de León.

After more than two years without fighting, La Guerrerita Torres reappeared in the stellar duel of the evening and at times was slightly higher, although Montse she landed the best shots to proclaim herself the winner.

It was a very level fight from the beginning, I studied the first moments, although it was Montserrat the one that tried with more powerful blows.

They both looked good defensively, although for a few moments it was the Little warrior the one that seemed to be better off, since his rival failed many. On the offensive, the longest range of Silvia It gave him a slight advantage.

Montse she looked tireless in the third inning and was the one that went forward, connecting the best hits against a calculating rival, who took off some and also hurt the counterattack.

The speed of the hit paid off Guerrerita Torres, who shook at least three Montserrat, who sought with all his arsenal to harm and Silvia He also received punishment with the uppers and flies of the champion atom.

In the sixth round it was Silvia the one that was pressing and that sought to lead against the ropes to Montserrat, who did not stop hitting. The punishment to the soft zones seemed to damage the Guerrerita, who responded with impacts to the face.

Montserrat defeated Guerrerita

Tremendous war between Montserrat Alarcón and Guerrerita Torres

Montserrat he never tired of loosening his fists and continued to hunt for Silvia, who seemed comfortable in the ring, even with her guard down and with her waist movements, she removed the blows and did damage with the counterattack.

In the end, the one led by the former world champion Jose Luis Bueno she came out determined to do everything. The physical condition of both was extraordinary, as they maintained the rhythm with which they started, and the exchange of blows continued until the last moment.

The triumph was deserved for Montserrat, but the cards that gave him the victory do not reflect what happened in the ring, because the fight was not so uneven.

Montserrat She remained with a 17-4-2 record and improved her consecutive winning streak to seven, while Silvia, who was finally able to return to activity, suffered the third setback of her career (20-3-2).