SIC tied it to Hindú in the closing and got into the final of the URBA Top 12

SIC qualified for the URBA Top 12 final after drawing against Hindu 28-28, for sporting advantage by finishing in a better position in the standings. The cast of Boulogne took advantage of the four warnings who had his rival in the last play of the match and will face CUBA next Saturday in the title match.

The first half had a frenetic pace and changing results. Both took full advantage of the mistakes of their rival, mainly in those plays where the two casts had to leave their own field. Some unforced errors made it possible for both Santiago Fernandez, on four occasions, and Gaston Arias, in two, they will contribute points with the foot with two penalties.

However, there would also be time to see tries and of good quality. First it would be the SIC with a good play from his backs, which allowed the fullback, Juan Pablo Zervino, defeat the defense of Don Torcuato and dive into the ingoal. Then, it would be time for the Elephant, who taking advantage of the numerical advantage by the admonition of Thomas Meyrelles, asserted the power of his pack and reached the try through Nicolas D’Amorim.

One more conquest by Andrea Panzarini for those of Boulogne he gave command to those of San Isidro shortly after the closing of the first stage, but a new penalty of 10 of Hindú closed the plate of the first half 22 to 20 for those of Don Torcuato and left a reserved forecast of face to the second time.

In addition, the game declined in its pace of play, but not in emotions. It was difficult for Hindú to play in the rival field and in part it was because the headwind did not help him. However, supported by the tactical game of his opening, the Elephant managed to dominate the actions and take a small advantage of five points that seemed enough to stay with the victory.

However, the SIC did not give up, and in a final that will undoubtedly remain in the memory, with four admonitions for Hindú for fouls in the scrum, Justo Piccardo He completed what seemed easy and scored the try that gave the Zanjero team equality and the pass to the final against CUBA.


SIC: 1. Marcos Piccinini, 2. Andrea Panzarini, 3. Marcos Gatica, 4. Lucas Sommer, 5. Federico Haedo, 6. Marcos Borghi, 7. Tomás Comissatti, 8. Tomás Meyrelles (C), 9. Juan Soares Gache, 10 Gastón Arias, 11. Justo Piccardo, 12. Santos Rubio, 13. Carlos Pirán, 14. Jacinto Campbell, 15. Juan Pablo Zervino.

Changes: ST: 10´ Mateo Madero and Alejandro Daireaux by Carlos Pirán and Tomás Comissatti, 22´ Facundo Giorgiutti by Juan Pablo Zervino, 28´ Lucas Rocha and Gonzalo Hughes by Andrea Panzarini and Marcos Gatica, 37´ Mateo Albanese by Juan Soares Gache

Alternates: 16. Ricardo Machiavello, 21. Ignacio Pietranera.

HINDU: 1. Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, 2.Facundo Gattas, 3. Nicolás Leiva, 4. Carlos Repetto, 5. Juan Comolli, 6. Nicolás D’Amorim, 7. Gonzalo Delguy, 8. Lautaro Bavaro, 9. Lucas Pulido, 10 Santiago Fernández (C), 11. Federico Graglia, 12. Belisario Agulla, 13. Joaquín de la Vega Mendía, 14. Agustín Fusoni, 15. Martín Cancelliere.

Changes: ST: 11´ Federico Lavanini and Nicolás Amaya by Juan Comolli and Gonzalo Delguy, 21´ Lisandro Rodríguez by Agustín Fusoni, 23´ Augusto Bavaro by Carlos Repetto, 32´ Lucas Camacho by Lucas Pulido, 37´ Julian Gauthier by Lisandro Rodríguez (Temporary), 39 ´Isaías Quiroga by Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, 40´ Cristian Moscetta by Martín Cancelliere.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 3´ Penalty by Santiago Fernández (H), 6´ Penalty by Gastón Arias (S), 12´ Penalty by Santiago Fernández (H), 15´ Try by Juan Pablo Zervino converted by Gastón Arias (S), 22´ Penalty by Santiago Fernández (H), 25´ Penalty by Gastón Arias (S), 30´ Try by Nicolás D’Amorim converted by Santiago Fernández (H), 35´ Penalty by Santiago Fernández (H), 38´ Try by Andrea Panzarini converted by Gastón Arias (S), 42´ Penalty of Santiago Fernández (H)

Partial Result: SIC 20 – 22 Hindu Club

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 10´ Penalty by Gastón Arias (S), 16´ and 26´ Penalty by Santiago Fernández (H), 47´Try by Justo Piccardo

Final Result: SIC – Hindú Club

Incidents: PT: 29´ Yellow Tomas Meyrelles (S). ST: 37´ Yellow Lautaro Bavaro (H), 40´ Yellow Facundo Gattas (H), 44´ Yellow Nicolás Leiva (H), 47´ Yellow Cristian Moscetta (H).

Referee: Nehuén Jauri Rivero

Basketball court: ALMOST