Con solidez técnica, Devin Haney gana una clara decisión unánime sobre JoJo Díaz

Devin haney beat Joseph “JoJo” Diaz a comfortable unanimous decision to retain his world lightweight championship from the CMB in its regular version, and remove Diaz the vacant title of the same body.

Two of the judges saw win Devin Haney, 117-111, and the other judge also saw him win 116-112. The card of LEFT PUNCH he also saw win Haney by 116-112.

Devin haney showed off all his boxing technique to dominate JoJo Diaz in all fields of boxing. Diaz He was brave, irreducible, and he was up front until the last round, but he was outmatched by a fighter with more technical resources.

From the beginning, Haney established command over the ring. He deployed his fight plan to control distance and pace. That would be the key to their fight: not letting Diaz. From the middle distance, Haney he marked the jab, and threw long forehand spikes.

In that very first round, it became apparent that the battle would not only be fought with the gloves, but also with the feet. Haney orthodox and Diaz left-handed, both were trying to place their front foot to dominate the position. But Haney showed a magnificent footwork, to fight backwards, without leaving Diaz cut the distance.

In the second round, JoJo Diaz managed to close the distance. He entered short field several times, and landed solid blows on Haney. Nevertheless, Haney he counters well and scores with the jab. It’s a closed round, but Haney looks with more general command of the action.

The third round was again a round with a clear advantage for Haney, who scores from the middle distance, and counters well on the attacks of Diaz. Jojo It is moderately effective on body shots. An upper of Diaz went dry in Haney and pushed it back.

The fourth round was the first chapter that took JoJo Diaz. And he did it by putting the accelerator on and winning the inside foot of Haney. A) Yes Diaz won the position to connect several strong left hands to the face of Haney. The Mexican American also connects well below. Diaz closes the space, cuts the ring, and puts Haney the most physical, dirty and uncomfortable fight.

Haney adjusted the fifth round, and Diaz he no longer manages to enter close range as effectively as the previous round. Haney He manages to control and go out, does not let him find the short distance. The fight gets a bit dirty, because there is a foot chess set to win the best position. Diaz try to put her inside, but Haney recoils well, or pounces on Diaz to end in the hug. Haney do not touch Diaz He was gaining foot position the previous round, and he immediately adjusted.

For the sixth round, Haney set the jab and punches long. Diaz get some body shots, and some big jabs. Nevertheless Haney he is more aggressive, controls the pace and space more, and imposes his fighting style. Devin haney begins to score points in the rounds by offering more boxing resources.

JoJo Diaz he presses in the seventh round, and finds sharpness in his power punch. He puts several left hands that enter hard into the face of Haney. The best hit of the round is a left hook that goes over the cross guard of Haney, and shakes it. It is a round for Diaz.

Again, Devin haney quickly adjusts to counteract how effective it was Diaz the previous round. Devin He finds consistency in his boxing, hitting and coming out. It is effective for getting punches, and coming out fast with lateral steps when Diaz find the answer. Jojo can not cut the ring to Haney.

The ninth round is one of exchanges, where Diaz put in a couple of power shots that shake Haney. Nevertheless, Devin He also manages to connect a power blow and also controls the ring. The round is closed but it will Diaz wholesale power hitting. Jojo manages to find cleanly and powerfully the face of Haney.

The tenth is a round for Haney that he is back in control. Hit the best power shots, put Diaz in reverse, and manages to dominate the rhythm and space. Diaz fails to connect anything of relevance, and Haney he looks more confident and whole in the round.

Eleven is another round of dominance for Devin haney. Diaz He already looks lacking in resources, hits some good shots, but Haney responds with speed and clarity. Looks more whole Haneyboth technically and physically, while Diaz it seems to have lost a step in its liveliness.

The last round is perhaps the most dramatic in the entire fight. JoJo Diaz He goes out to burn the ships, to risk being knocked out or being knocked out. The Mexican-American goes with everything and twists twice to Haney with his best shots of the entire fight. Haney he looks shaken, hesitant on his feet, but fights bravely, reacts and responds, to control the last half of the round. The coup de grace of JoJo Diaz It was close, but it was not enough.

In the end, Devin haney it was clearly imposed sporting an interesting variety of resources. Haney He shone by making adjustments when something was wrong. He was solid on his footwork, he was dominating from distance, he boxed with a punch-and-go style when he called for it. He fought on the short ground with Diaz, hit the body well to reduce the rival, and endured the best blows of Diaz.

It’s a solid win for Devin haney against an opponent who was on a good streak of important wins. Plus, it gave the boxing world a bit more clarity on lightweight titles. JoJo Diaz he was the interim champion of the CMB in the division, and losing the fight is eliminated that belt, and Devin haney he establishes himself as a regular champion. Waiting to settle with George Kambosos to the sole lightweight champion of the CMB.