Belisario Agulla put an end to his career as a rugby player

After Hindú’s 28-28 draw against SIC in the URBA Top 12 semifinal, which meant the elimination of Don Torcuato’s team due to the sporting advantage, Warbringer Agulla decided to retire as a rugby player.

At the age of 33, the back chose to end a career full of successes and with a lot of participation in the international arena. After debuting in El Elefante in the 2009, while he also knew how to represent in the Vodacom Cup Pampas XV, With whose shirt he played three matches and supported a try, in 2011 he made the leap to the professional world.

Your destiny? The Agen French. There, the youngest of the brothers spent almost two seasons, during which time he played 30 games and scored six victories. To end 2012/13, Agulla returned to Hindu, where he had already been crowned in the Nacional de Clubes of 2010 and added to his record the URBA Top 14 trophies of 2014 and the Nacional de Clubes of 2015.

In that year, the back returned to the Old Continent, but this time to play in Newcastle Falcons and the Premiership. The jacket of said team dressed her for almost three seasons, since in mid-2017/18 she returned to Argentina again to start her third cycle in Hindu, where he played until retirement. In this last campaign, he was established in three Club Nationals (2017, 2018 and 2019) and the URBA Top 12 of 2017.

Finally, in the selected branch, Agulla is the Puma # 714. Represented in a total of nine matches to The Pumas and he had the luxury of supporting a try.