Pitbull Cruz fue halagado por Floyd Mayweather

Floyd mayweather did a tremendous compliment to Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz and said that in the prime of his career as a professional boxer he would not have been able to knock him out.

“This boy was a difficult opponent and he came to pressure and fight,” said the American at the end of the function that he starred in. Gervonta davis and the Mexican. “Probably if I had faced him in the best moment of my career, I would not have knocked him out either.”

Despite the resistance of the Pitbull, Floyd felt that Gervonta davis He beat him clearly, despite not getting the knockout.

“We all know that Tank He gave this boy boxing classes, “he said. “The boy was very aggressive and landed some good shots. But here it is not all about giving excellent fights, but he was clearly defeated ”.

For Mayweather, Cruz he knows that he was not the winner, despite the fact that it was a very tight unanimous decision by cards of 115-113, 115-113 and 116-112 in favor of the American.

“He knows he didn’t win, it was an easy fight from my point of view,” he said. “It was only about three or four rounds at the most that that boy won, but for the other eight he was clearly outclassed by Tank“.

Mayweather’s compliment to Pitbull Cruz

Davis knocked out all the rivals he faced since 2015, so the resistance of cross surprised many. For Floyd, criticism of Gervonta because they did not get the victory on the fast track, it did not take them much importance.

“People expected him to knock him out, but since he didn’t, some think he lost and that’s a real shit,” he said. Mayweather.

At the end of the fight, cross was cheered by the public and also by Gervonta, who even dared to tell him that a new star had been born.

“What did you say GervontaToday a star was born and we made a champion like him look bad ”, said the Pitbull after the battle.