George Kambosos asegura que ya vio los huecos en el boxeo de Devin Haney

George Kambosos, lightweight champion of the AMB, FIB, CMB (franchise) and OMB, He assured that after seeing the performance of Devin haney in view of JoJo Diaz, has already identified some gaps in the boxing of the American boxer.

“I already saw the holes there,” he said Kambosos. “That’s me as a boxer, I see things immediately. It was a good fight, I will give him his respect and we will see what happens now ”.

It should be remembered that Haney He has already announced that he wants a fight with the Australian where all the titles are at stake and he is even determined to fight in the land of Kambosos.

In the meantime, George gave his opinion on the victory he won Haney upon Jojo who took it up to 12 rounds,

“He boxed well, he did what he had to do, similar to his other fights,” he said. Kambosos. “But I have to give credit to JoJo Diaz, he brought war, but Devin haney he did his thing ”.

Kambosos assured that Haney He’s used to taking on smaller or gaining fighters, but he’s a 135-pound fighter.

“I am a natural fighter of 135 pounds, I am strong but I am very explosive, very fast, it is something that he had never seen before in his life,” he warned Kambosos. “Like (Teofimo) López he had never seen before in his life. “

Devin Haney says he’s ready to face Kambosos in Australia

After his victory against JoJo Diaz, Haney He took the microphone and sent a clear message to George Kambosos to sign the fight as soon as possible.

“Let’s go, Kambosos. Let’s do it for all the belts. Let the fight for the undisputed world championship be next. I would go to Jupiter to fight him if I have to, “he said.