Gervonta Davis venció por decisión unánime a un digno y aguerrido Pitbull Cruz

Gervonta davis won a competitive unanimous decision to Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz to retain his world title of the AMB in his regular lightweight version Sunday night in Los Angeles.

The Pitbull cross He made a worthy fight, and he endured Gervonta davis all his power shots, to the point that the American injured his strong left hand and stopped throwing it in the last rounds of the fight.

Two of the judges saw win Davis 115-113 and the other judge saw him win also 116-112. The card of LEFT PUNCH saw win Davis by 115-113.

From the first round, the Pitbull showed his fight plan. He was more aggressive, he went to the front, cuts the ring. cross He tries to get into the short field to get punches, and manages to get the best power deliveries, with blown hooks, and uppers. Gervonta he studies, goes backwards, and seeks to counterattack. but Pitbull mark respect.

DavisSeeing the Mexican’s fight plan, he made his adjustment in the second round. Gervonta davis box better, moves about the ring, and seeks to counter with uppers to cross. The Pitbull does not vary his attack, he goes to the front, looking to cut the ring, and put short hooks, or flown above the line of sight of Gervonta. Davis better dominates the ring.

In the third round, Gervonta box better. He lands power shots and moves to avoid a response. Every time he moves better on the ring, and hits sharper shots. cross He chases after him, cuts him off the ring, and lands some good body shots.

In the fourth round, the Pitbull set another trend, establishing his body punch. Connect hard on both sides of Gervonta, and lands several major hits. cross chases Davis, that moves and tries to counterattack with uppers.

The left hand uppercut of Gervonta davis, that blow with which he disconnected Leo Santa cross it was a latent danger. The whole time he felt in the fight, the danger of that hand entering. However, every time the upper Gervonta entered, the Pitbull cross He resisted it without question.

Before the fight, the father of cross had warned that Gervonta he was going to be surprised when he saw that his blows did nothing to his son. And so it happened. cross earned the respect of Gervonta when he supported the heaviest hands that connected him Davis.

Gervonta davis lands more power shots in the fifth round, receiving Pitbull when you try to get in. cross trim the space by moving forward and moving the waist in style Mike tyson, but Davis he does well with lateral steps, and ends up embracing the attacks.

In the sixth, Davis find your perfect distance. Makes fail Pitbull, and counter him with uppers and straights, isolated. Gervonta you’re betting on one-hit responses and no match. When you enter cross, Davis He counters fast, and comes out. cross it fails a lot, because it cannot adjust to the mobility of Gervonta.

The seventh is a good round, contested. They both land punches, but Davis is more accurate, and puts more blows of power, before the entrance of cross. The Pitbull he begins to see more diminished, he no longer has the same persistence to try to get into the short field.

Starting in the eighth round, the Pitbull He has a rebirth in the fight, and he begins to come back on the cards that he was losing comfortably. cross Hit the best power punch of the round. It’s a right uppercut that raised the face of Gervonta. cross takes the round.

The problem with Isaac it is that he is not measuring his distance well and he is above a lot. Pounces on Davis, and ends up embracing, because he himself closes the space, and eliminates his distance.

In the ninth, they both fail a lot, but Gervonta he lands the best shots and seems to dominate the rhythm of the fight. cross He’s already run over, he gets on a lot, and he’s not managing to hit the short field.

But the tenth is again a round for Isaac Cruz. Gervonta is throwing less hits. Pitbull shake off Davis against the ropes with a long blow that turns the head of Davis and then overwhelms him on short ground with effective punches. For him Pitbull hope is renewed, because in addition, Davis he stopped pulling his left hand.

In the penultimate round, it is evident that Gervonta He stopped being aggressive, and he already throws less blows. And the Pitbull He is more affective in his hitting, he manages to find with straight hands and hooks the face of Gervonta. cross I find rhythm and distance.

Gervonta davis he’s more focused on boxing and not letting go. He works mainly with his right hand, because his left is apparently injured.

In the last round of the fight, cross does not put the last pressure of combat. This, despite Gervonta He doesn’t throw as many power shots, and tries to control only with his right hand. Davis box, go out, run, try to finish the round. AND cross does not squeeze at the end.

When the judges’ cards were read, it seemed a fair and commensurate assessment of what happened on the ring. It was a committed fight, in which cross closed tight, but where Gervonta won more rounds.

Moral victory for Pitbull Cruz against Gervonta

For the Mexican it was a moral victory. Many predicted that, due to the frontal style of cross, and the punching power of Gervonta, the Mexican would be knocked out early in the fight. Nevertheless, cross resisted everything to Gervonta. A) Yes, cross became just the second rival that manages to lead to Gervonta until the decision, something that had not happened since 2014, when Davis he was still fighting six rounds.

The Pitbull made it clear that he has the jaw to compete in a heavy hitter division. However, what to cross still missing is to make adjustments. His style, always frontal, becomes predictable, and his momentum works against him because he closes his spaces by ramming his rivals.

But Pitbull cross He is here to fight against the best lightweight of the moment.

Definitions 2022 for Gervonta Davis

For Gervonta davis It is a solid victory, because of the way it happened, against an opponent who complicated him and who was never intimidated. For Davis it’s time for a big fight in the division against any of the rising stars.

2022 looks like a year of big fights and definitions at lightweights.