Gervonta Davis derrotó por decisión unánime a Pitbull Cruz

Gervonta davis revealed that he sustained a left hand injury during the sixth round of the fight against Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz, for connecting the head of the Mexican.

“I have my hand injured since the sixth round,” he confessed at the end of the contest. “I don’t know (if it’s broken), they haven’t reviewed it. Is trembling. It is part of the sport. He’s a smaller fighter, I hit him on the head. I feel like it affected me. “

Used to facing boxers shorter than him, Gervonta had some difficulties with the style of the Mexican, who practically never stopped going forward throughout the contest.

The injury occurred because the guard of Pitbull it was always high. And because of the American’s height advantage, he started hitting him on the top of the head, which is very hard, so that caused him to hurt his hand.

From the tenth round it began to be very noticeable that Gervonta he was no longer pulling his left hand. But even so, the American was very efficient with his right hand and kept everyone busy. cross.

Davis won by unanimous decision by cards of 115-113, 115-113 and 116-112 to retain the lightweight championship of the AMB.

“At the beginning of the fight we knew he was going to be stronger,” he said. Gervonta davis on the performance of Isaac. “As it went by we thought we were going to knock him down, but I hurt my hand and I couldn’t get it.”

Gervonta davis

Gervonta Davis praise Pitbull Cruz

The American also praised the work of Pitbull, who took the fight on short notice and was applauded for what he showed in the ring. The Staples Center people applauded him even more than Gervonta.

However, when asked if he would give Pitbull a rematch, Davis responded bluntly: “Of course not!”

“He is a warrior,” said the American about the Mexican, who supplied Rolly Romero for this fight. “I think a new star was born today”.