Gómez Cora and the Bronces of Los Pumas 7's in Dubai: "This forces us to redouble and go for more"

Santiago Gomez Cora, head coach of Los Pumas 7’s, highlighted the team’s performance after obtaining two Bronze medals in the stages of the World Tour held in Dubai.

The coach, after defeating France in the match for third place, expressed himself by highlighting the work of the group and also dedicated some heartfelt words to his family: “Thank you all. Especially my family, dad I miss you. Finishing the year with all the podiums is a lot and this forces us to double down and go for more, always. Huge players, happy opening staff! Milo, here I come ”, accompanied by both medals.

The next challenge that Los Pumas 7’s will have will be in 2022 with the Seven from Malaga between January 21 and 23, for which the Argentine team has its confirmed group.