Cómo afecta los planes del Canelo el drama del covid 19 en el boxeo de Sudáfrica

While Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez dreams of a fifth title in a different division and expects a lawsuit with Ilunga Makabu, various factors threaten their plans, mainly the omicron variant of Covid 19 that has unleashed a crisis in South Africa.

The new variant of Covid 19 that began to spread from South Africa has put a cloud of threat to the plans of the Canelo. And it is that in his dream of being world cruiser champion, the Mexican must face the winner of the South African Thabiso Mchunu and Ilunga Makabu.

Makabu’s promoter, Don king, has said that he wants to make the mandatory fight between Mchunu and Makabu in Ohio on January 29.

Thabiso Mchunu is stranded in South Africa

But there is a problem, Mchunu still in South Africa. The newspaper Sowetan Live reports that the fighter trains in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the lawsuit against Makabu.

And there is another problem. Since last November 29, the United States has banned the entry of people from South Africa who are not US citizens. Likewise, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the countries of the European Union also restricted the entry of South African citizens to their country. Faced with this panorama, Thabiso Mchunu he’s stranded in South Africa.

It is unknown how long the United States sanitary restriction will last, but if it lasts for several weeks Thabiso Mchunu would be one of the harmed and could not get to Ohio for his fight with Makabu. And the chances that the fight could take place in another country is also complicated by the restrictions imposed on South Africa.

South African Thabiso Mchunu, Ilunga Makabu’s official challenger

South African boxing is experiencing a health crisis

The situation in South Africa looks very complicated with the pandemic. And even South African boxing is already experiencing a Covid 19 health crisis.

The newspaper Sowetan Live reported that Ricardo Malajika and Know it Ngebinyana, who would fight for a Pan-African title in the AMB, tested positive for Covid 19 on Wednesday. It also tested positive Bruno Pereira, coach of Ngebinyana. The fight of Malajika and Ngebinyana had to be canceled.

Before, I had tested positive Brandon thysse, who was scheduled to defend his Pan American super welterweight title from the AMB against Roarke kapp. Like Thysse, their coaches had also tested positive Damien Durandt and Andson Kazembe.

But the cases of Covid-19 in South Africa remain and it is unknown what will happen to the restriction of people from that country in the United States, which would prevent the entry of Mchunu for the lawsuit against Makabu.

Being a mandatory fight for him CMB, the body would have to intervene to decide what will happen with the impossibility of Mchunu to travel.

For now, Canelo you will have to wait to see what the CMB on the mandatory fight between the mandatory challenger Mchunu and the champion Makabu. It is likely that Mchunu is forced to accept a step aside payment to allow the fight between Canelo and Makabu, and wait your turn against the winner.

While these situations are being defined, Canelo He will soon return to training to prepare for his return to activity in 2022, probably with a fight the first week of May, and with plans to do two more, in September and December.