The SIC players who could be two-time URBA Top 12 champions

This Saturday December 11 will be played the final of the URBA Top 12 in which the protagonists will be SIC and CUBA. On the one hand, those of Boulogne will try repeat the 2019 title after defeating Belgrano 22-19, while the cast of Villa de Mayo returns to the definition of the tournament of the highest category of rugby in Buenos Aires after six years and where it was last crowned in 2013.

Regarding the defending champion, there is a total of 14 players who said present last weekend in the tie at 28 with Hindu who they were part of the 23 who turned around at CASI two seasons ago. In this way, they have the chance to repeat the crown and be two-time champions of the elite of Buenos Aires rugby.

In turn, it is worth noting that Thomas Meyrelles could not play the deciding match in 2019 due to card accumulation, while Joaquin Lamas He will return from the tour with Los Pumas 7’s and could play against CUBA.

The players who were in the definition against Belgrano and in the semifinal against Hindú:

Marcos Piccinini
Andrea Panzarini
Marcos Gatica
Lucas Sommer
Marcos Borghi
Thomas Comissatti
Juan Soares Gache
Gaston Arias
Santos Rubio
Carlos Piran
Ricardo Macchiavelo
Lucas Rocha
Alexander Daireaux
Mateo Madero