Así fue como Canelo limpió su nombre tras escándalo de dopaje, según Eddie Hearn

Promoter Eddie hearn Explains how Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez cleared his name when he tested positive for clenbuterol. This, as a result of the new declarations of Floyd mayweather saying that the Mexican has been doped several times.

“(Canelo) the hair follicle test was done, and indeed it proved his innocence ”, he said Hearn in interview for Fight hub. “I was one of those people (who was against him) when he did the test I thought that people will always have that to accuse him. If you are a hater, you will always use anything you can find against him ”.

Eddie hearn has no doubts of the innocence of Canelo on the issue of doping.

“He cleared his name, ultimately, and a lot of people had to eat his words, including me at the time,” he emphasized. Hearn. “But if you are going to hate someone, there is an opportunity to do so. When you are around someone, you meet people, and I know Canelo Alvarez and I know what this sport means to him. Those accusations don’t sit well with me, because I know the guy ”.

Hearn He assured that at the time, he also criticized the Mexican boxer to protect his boxers.

“In the past, I was guilty of saying something, probably without much knowledge,” he agreed. Hearn. “Maybe I had a fighter facing him, so he was trying to warm up a bit. But (Canelo) has done what he had to do to clear his name. “

Eddie hearn He assured that he did not like the last statements he made Mayweather to the press, again accusing Canelo doping.

Floyd always wants to remain relevant and is great for that, “he says. Eddie. “But anything that says a little controversial, it just explodes. I didn’t like what he said, but he owns his words and he will do whatever he wants to do ”.

Is Canelo dodging David Benavidez?

Similarly, the promoter responded to what was said by Floyd mayweather as for what Saul Alvarez is dodging a fight against David benavidez.

David benavidezHe’s a great fighter, okay? ”acknowledged the promoter. “But it has nothing of what you are looking for Canelo Alvarez. If you look at what he’s done Canelo For the last year, year and a half, he has always fought against the champions. Okay, he had a mandate that he had to take, but he fought with Daniel jacobs (at middleweight), with Sergey Kovalev (at light heavyweight), then he said to himself, ‘I want to be indisputable.

AND Hearn Explains how Canelo he set about sweeping the 168 pounds.

“He boxed Callum smith, the one in the division, “listed the promoter. “Then he boxed with Billy Joe Saunders, world champion OMB. Then he faced Caleb Plant (to become absolute super media). He did it in a year! I am amazed, and I know that I am a fan of Canelo Alvarez placeholder image, because I think he’s cool and I know him personally. Achieving what he’s accomplished, having the money that he has, and having the ambition and drive that this guy has, makes him an incredibly special athlete. I’m passionate about what he is, as a person and as a fighter ”.

Hearn assured that Benavidez He still does not have the curriculum to be able to face the Mexican champion today.

“I believe that Benavidez He is a very good fighter, “he argued. Hearn. But who has he defeated? Who has he fought with? Meeting those guysCanelo and Eddy reynoso) have never dodged an opponent. They don’t do things tactically, it’s just about “feeling.” When I started working with them, they said: “We want to be indisputable. It has never been done in 168, there has never been an undisputed Latin champion. Let’s do it. And they did. I mean, he can fight with Benavidez or Charlo at PBC. Offers will be made ”.

Hearn laughs that people think that he Canelo is bound to fight with Benavidez.

“The other thing that makes me laugh is that people feel that he has an obligation to fight (against Benavidez) ”, Ironizes Hearn. “Friend, (Canelo) He can do whatever he wants. You have earned the right to do so. The great news for fight fans is that he doesn’t work like that, so he will do what he wants, but he will seek greatness. “

In the same way, he defended the decisions he has made so much Saul as their coach in terms of the rivals they have faced.

“I’m a bit conflicted, because I’m a huge fan of Canelo Alvarez and Eddy reynoso, and I’ve seen them from the inside out and I know what these guys are about. He couldn’t put him in a fight that he didn’t think he was going to win. He is so good, “he said.

Canelo seeks new challenges

Hearn He assured that the mentality of the Mexican champion is to continue making history now at cruiserweight.

“Having met and worked with him, I would never dodge any fighter, ever. But it has to be a fight that motivates him or that there is a reason behind it. So with Makabu, you can’t say, “Oh, he’s looking for an easy fight against Makabu“, He pointed out. “The guy weighs 200 pounds! It will weigh 225 pounds. It’s going to weigh more than Canelo Alvarez 35 or 40 pounds. Hit like a mule. That is not dodging Benavidez or (Jermall) CharloWhat have they done or achieved Charlo or Benavidez to have his get-rich day with him? ”

The same way, Eddie you know what you are looking for ‘Canelo’ are challenges in his career and at the moment Benavidez it is not.

“But it is about something other than that. You like challenges. So right now you are probably thinking to yourself: “What excites me? What makes me go back to the ring? Go and do something crazy, like fight at cruiserweight. Or, what I like, being indisputable at 175. Dmitry Bivol, Joe smith, Artur Beterbiev, what career would it be. Or do the trilogy with Gennadiy GolovkinHe warned. “But Benavidez it’s a great fight and the fight of Charlo It’s a big fight, and I’m not here to speak for Canelo Alvarez and Eddy reynosoThey are the bosses, it is what they want to do. But I don’t see what those options can really do for him. “