This is how the NFL playoffs would be played, one game away from completing Week 13

With one game to go on the day, we take a look at how the postseason would play out if the NFL regular season ended today

It only remains to be disputed the “Monday Night Football“from Week 13 – an engaging showdown of the AFC East between the New england patriots (8-4) and Buffalo bills (7-4) that is guaranteed to shake up the panorama of the American– but in the meantime, we take a look at how the playoffs would play out if the season ended right now.

Although there are no changes regarding the 14 teams that would be classified to the playoffs compared to last week, there are changes regarding the order in which they appear:

American Conference

The Baltimore Ravens (8-4) fell on their visit to the Pittsburgh steelers (6-5-1), and with that they stopped occupying the first place in the sowing of the AFC. A failed 2-point conversion in the final moments may have changed the story, but for now, Baltimore He has missed the rest day, moving to site N ° 3 of the sowing.

New england has, before his game of “MNF“, that first site in the sowing of the American, but you must win in Buffalo to keep it. A defeat to the Bills – who are currently fifth in the conference – would catapult the Tennessee Titans (8-4) to first place in the box AFC, which would be an incredible prize for a team that did not play because it was on their week off.

The Kansas city chiefs (7-4) beat the Denver Broncos (6-5), successfully defending the tip of the AFC West. A stumble in the house of the Chiefs I would have left Denver with the first divisional position, momentarily, already KC out of the postseason. If the campaign ended now, the Bills would visit Arrowhead in the first round of the playoffs. Buffalo already surpassed KC by 38-20 in Week 5.

The Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) lost to Los Angeles Chargers (7-5) with what Cincy drops to the seventh and final place, sending them to Tennessee on Wild Card Round – unprecedented grief so far this campaign – and the Bolts They are made with the ticket of N ° 6 in the AFC, which would involve a trip to Baltimore. The Ravens they beat up the Chargers by 34-6 in Week 6.

National Conference

The NFC will not move with the party of “MNF“because they are opponents of the American, so the table is fixed until, at least, the game next Thursday night between Steelers and Minnesota Vikings (5-7).

The first place in the sowing, provisionally, is in the hands of the Arizona cardinals (10-2), first team to reach double-digit wins this season. That means the Cards they would rest in the first round of the playoffs.

Lower, seconds appear the Green bay packers (9-3), who had a much-needed day off in Week 13, thinking about the health of the fractured toe of Aaron Rodgers.

The third ticket is in the hands of the Tampa bay buccaneers (9-3) after beating the Atlanta Falcons (5-7). The fourth ticket, and last among the teams that would serve as locals in the Wild Card Round, is for the Dallas cowboys (8-4), until now.

Los Angeles Rams (8-4) are currently fifth, and they would be the ones chosen to visit Dallas in the first round of the postseason, a duel that is not contemplated in the regular season. The Rams regained some shine in this Week 13, but the notion of being able to play all the playoffs at home, including until the Super Bowl LVIIt seems really far away today.

The sixth-placed ticket is provisionally held by the Washington Football Team (6-6), which improves one position compared to the previous day. Your flight plan would include for the Wild Card Round a plane ticket for Tampa bay, a repetition of one of the most exciting duels of the previous season’s playoffs. And if that was not enough, Washington surprised the current champions of the Super bowl by 29-19 in Week 10.

Finally, the San Francisco 49ers (6-6) would be the last team to receive an invitation to the postseason, and would be contemplating a trip to the tundra of Lambeau Field. The Packers they already beat the Niners in Week 3, by 30-28.

The eliminated

Week 13 gifted us with the first team eliminated mathematically from the playoff race. The Houston Texans lost by beating to the Indianapolis Colts (7-6), and his 2-10 mark, coupled with the triumph of Chargers upon Bengals it means there is no way for Houston to make the postseason anymore.

Sure, we can talk about other teams that are practically eliminated from the contest, in both conferences, but only the Texans they have run out of mathematical opportunity, officially so far. Of course, this list will grow exponentially in the coming dates.