Jake Paul y Tommy Fury

The fight between Jake paul and Tommy fury it was canceled due to a medical condition of the English boxer. Tyron woodley He will enter the relief to face him on December 18.

Tommy fury She is the biggest bitch in boxing, ”he said. Paul in a video that he posted on Twitter. “They have withdrawn from the fight due to an alleged health problem. I couldn’t believe it at first, but who the hell knows what really happens in that camp. “

Fury and Paul they were going to fight on December 18 at the Amalie Arena from Tampa. For several months they have been exchanging insults on social networks, where they have heated up the fight.

That is why, for Jake, is still incomprehensible the decision of the team of Tommy to step aside for the fight and not collect the large amount of money they would get.

“It doesn’t seem real yet, but he let go of the biggest bag of his career and will pay $ 60 to watch me fight instead of making millions to get in the ring with me,” he said. Jake paul.

Jake he insisted that he has the feeling that this is merely an excuse from the Brit not to fight him.

“I have fought with a broken nose, sick, but anyway, what can I tell you, this is boxing and it should stop nonsense,” he said.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

Woodley enters the relief with Jake Paul due to exit of Tommy Fury

Tyron woodley will go on stage to fulfill the rematch against Jake paul.

“We spoke with the Lord Woodley and we told him that if he wanted to take the fight “, mentioned the Youtuber. “I agree”.

Woodley brought to Paul to the scorecards in the fight last August and lost a split decision.

Jake paul He also confessed that for the second battle he made a juicy economic offer to Tyron woodley if he can beat it on the fast track.

Woodley he’s been training, ”he said. “I’ll give him an extra $ 500,000 if he’s able to knock me out. Last time I couldn’t knock him out, but I’m going to do it this time and it will be a huge victory. “.