URBA Juveniles: Champagnat M18 turned it around in the last minute against Los Tilos 29-26

Champagnat took a fundamental step to be able to consecrate himself as champion in the M18 after having beaten Los Tilos by 29-26, in an extremely even game.

In the first half, both defenses were very calm and very effective when the opposite attacked. Despite this, the one who struck first was Champa what product of a criminal try and another in the hands of Joaquin Bottazzi he was able to take a wide advantage. But, those of Workers’ Quarter reacted with conquests of Hipólito San Sebastián and Eliseo Chiavassa so that the visit only exceeds them by two points.

In the second half it was the opposite, the one who first managed to reach the opposite goal was Los Tilos quickly to turn the game around for a great try from Elisha Sciatore, Champagnat hit again product of a conquest of Felipe Berardi but Hipólito San Sebastián came to score to extend the advantage for those of Workers’ Quarter.

From that moment, the set of Pillar began to unfold all his game but the defense Tilambre became very strong and the only way they could score points was with a penalty of Benjamin Panelo in front of the sticks. The minutes went by and the atmosphere began to become heartbreaking as Champa I wanted to turn the game around and, with two minutes to go, Felipe Rojo managed to break and reached the try that determined his team as the winner of this match


THE TILOS (26): 1. Joaquín Briozzo, 2. Hipólito San Sebastián, 3. Ramiro Berardi Calvo, 4. Máximo Laurin Escudero, 5. Pablo Durante, 6. Eliseo Chiavassa, 7. Lucas Blake, 8. Felipe Bares, 9. Facundo Moreyra, 10. Manuel Lovazzano, 11. Vicente Salgado, 12. Alfonso López Feybli, 13. Eliseo Sciatore, 14. Lautaro Spagno, 15. Francisco López Fumarola.

Changes: ST: Francisco López for Lautaro Spagno and Franco Pietra for Eliseo Sciatore.

Coaches: Germán Hernández Aballay, Federico Mendez and Diego Herrera

CHAMPAGNAT (29): 1. Felipe Berardi, 2. Tomás Idoyaga Molina, 3. Patricio Massa, 4. Agustín Paz Naón, 5. Tomás Yanzon, 6. Lautaro Ambrosini, 7. Lucas Olavarria, 8. Benjamín Grondona, 9. Justo Larguia, 10. Benjamín Panelo, 11. Blas Rocha, 12. Joaquín Bottazzi, 13. Iñaki Moreno Hueyo, 14. Wenceslao Rocco Arocena, 15. Felipe Rojo

Changes: Mateo Halway for Tomás Idoyaga Molina, Santiago Pérez Zorraquín for Lautaro Ambrosini and Santiago Alegria for Agustín Paz Naón.

Coaches: Gastón Laprida, Joaquín Lobos and José Lasa.

FIRST TIME POINTS: 15 ‘Penalty try for Champagnat. 17 ‘Try by Joaquín Bottazzi converted by Benjamín Panelo (C), 20’ Try by Hipólito San Sebastián (LT), 35 ‘Try by Eliseo Chiavassa converted by Manuel Lovazzano (LT).

Partial Result: Los Tilos 12-14 Champagnat

POINTS SECOND TIME: 3 ‘Try by Eliseo Sciatore converted by Manuel Lovazzano (LT), 6’ Try by Felipe Berardi (C), 16 ‘Try by Joaquín Briozzo converted by Manuel Lovazzano (LT), 25’ Penalty converted by Benjamín Panelo (C), 33 ‘Try by Felipe Rojo converted by Benjamín Panelo (C).

Final Result: Los Tilos 26-29 Champagnat

REFEREE: Santiago Berutti