URBA Top 12: the unusual outcome of the semifinal between SIC and Hindú

In the duel between SIC and Hindu for the semifinal of URBA Top 12 there were a few last minutes that will remain for the memory and the analysis. The conquest of Justo Piccardo, When Don Torcuato’s men were with four players cautioned for repeated fouls in the scrum, it gave a frame of rarity to a vibrant match.

With the score 28-23 for Hindú, and with five minutes to go before the regulation time, the SIC bet all its chips on the power of its scrum to score the try that would give it a pass to the final. After successive attempts to dispute, the referee Nehuén Jauri Rivero admonished Lautaro Bavaro, first, and then to Facundo Gattas, Nicolás Leiva and Cristian Moscetta.



After a strange ending, the back took advantage of the four more players and scored alone for the 28-28 draw against Hindú, which gave him the ticket to play the decisive match against CUBA.

Faced with this situation, the scrum had to be played in the pull-out mode and with eight players per side, exposing the defense of the team captained by Santiago Fernandez, who could not avoid the imminent try of the SIC supported by Piccardo.

It was a definition at least unusual and that closed a game that could have been for either team. The SIC pack forced the Hindu pack and ended up taking advantage of it to get back into the URBA Top 12 final.