“Cuando sea campeón indiscutible, no quiero el título franquicia”, asegura Devin Haney

Devin haney He assured that if he fought before George Kambosos for the undisputed world lightweight championship and come out the winner, he does not want to receive the franchise title of the CMB, since for him it is worth nothing.

For its part, George Kambosos, current franchise champion of the CMB in light weight, in addition to being monarch for the AMB, OMB and FIB, criticized these words of Haney, who is the regular champion of the CMB and pointed out that the fight will take place despite this nonsense.

“We are going to achieve it (make the fight for the undisputed championship), and there will be no more games or nonsense about what it is,” he said.

It should be remembered that the title franchise is a special designation and privileged status that the CMB awarded to a current body world champion. It is a designation that was given to Lomachenko for his career as a champion, and although initially the CMB said it was non-transferable, agreed to recognize Teofimo Lopez as a franchise champion by defeating Lomachenko. And then when Kambosos defeated Theophimus, inherited the franchise title.

Kambosos, franchise champion, says that now he can negotiate a fight with Haney

George Kambosos, who was as guest analyst of the chain DAZN in the fight of Devin haney against JoJo DiazAt the end of the battle, he shook hands with the American champion and gave him the go-ahead for them to face each other in 2022 for all the belts.

“Great victory, now we can talk,” the Australian told Haney.

Kambosos made it clear that now Haney will face a true lightweight fighter, who will not have to gain weight to face him, and will realize his qualities above the ring as he did. Teofimo Lopez.

“I am a natural fighter of 135 pounds, I am strong but I am very explosive, very fast, it is something that he had never seen before in his life, just like López had never seen before in his life,” he argued.