Aunque está de vacaciones, Terence Crawford reta a Errol Spence

Terence crawford, a welterweight champion, is enjoying a well-deserved vacation after his fight against Shawn porter which he knocked out in the ring. Now more relaxed and on the beach he took the opportunity to send a message to Errol spence to face each other in 2022.

“I’m looking for you, Errol. Where are you? (Crawford yells as he gets into the water) “I am in the ocean, you say you are the big fish, I am looking for you. Where is your butt? ”He said.

But not everything was there, the monarch began to insult Spence surely so that the message reaches your rival quickly and there is a quick response.

“You have a lot of room to hide in this son of s… I don’t know if I can find you in the ocean. The ocean bigger than a motherfucker… man. We won’t be able to find your punk ass here. I have many places to hide, “he declared.

Crawford has provoked Spence and gets no response

A few days ago, in the same way, Crawford assured that he no longer needed Errol spence because he had become the undisputed champion.

“I don’t need Spence. I’ve been the number one kid in the division since I got here. I am a world champion of three pesos. I am the undisputed world champion. You know what I mean? I won the world title in my first welterweight fight. Spence It is nothing compared to the things I did in my career, “he argued at a press conference.

As an express question as to why a unification of three belts could not be finalized before Spence, Crawford it was clear.

“How many fights did I get from him? Have you ever seen him make a gesture to fight me? Nothing has changed ”, he sentenced.