Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua y Oleksandr Usyk

Eddie hearn communicated that Anthony Joshua is willing to allow the fight between Tyson fury and Oleksandr Usyk, in exchange for 50 million dollars.

Despite his thirst for revenge, Joshua is able to delay your wish so that Fury and Usyk, as long as they grant you a large sum of money.

“Seven figures? A million pounds? If you want Joshua not to fight with Usyk, you will have to multiply that sum by 50 ″, he explained Hearn in interview with Boxing King Media. “Now there is communication between the two teams to say if it is something, and the answer is that AJ He hasn’t talked about this yet ”.

“I’ll take care of that. When you feel there is a chance to Anthony, we will sit down with them and introduce it to them. I won’t do it until the opportunity is concrete. We will maintain the plans until then, “continued the British businessman.

“If there is a route and the offer makes sense, we will see it,” emphasized the promoter. “Right now, there are only conversations between the camps. All I want to do now is fight Oleksandr Usyk. Trust me”.

While the statements of Eddie hearn They do not match the figures that have been discussed so far, the negotiation is not far from being successful.